Avengers 4: Captain America travels back in time to obtain the Soul Stone from [SPOILER]?

WARNING SPOILER FOR AVENGERS INFINITY WAR AHEAD The Avengers are seriously screwed. At the end of Infinity War, Thanos, the villain won and half the universe died – included a ton of the superheroes. So what do they do now? Well Marvel‘s Avengers 4 set photos have suggested some sort of time travel or multi-verse […]

Weight loss: ‘Bum belly’ man sheds SEVEN stone thanks to giving up THIS unhealthy habit

Mark Johnson, 38, managed a whopping seven stone weight loss off his 23 stone heavy frame after feeling ashamed by his holiday photos. Before and after pictures show his transformation from fat to fit – including getting rid of belly fat after losing a foot from his waistline. The impressive slimmer from Watford, who works in […]

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Director Joe Russo Confirms the Soul Stone Theory

The director of Avengers: Infinity War may have just confirmed a popular fan theory and hinted at major plot for Avengers 4. Joe Russo, part of the directing duo with his brother Anthony Russo, appeared at an Iowa high school’s Q&A to answer questions about the latest Marvel film, and in the process, dropped what could be a big Avengers 4 […]

Vanessa Feltz weight loss: TV star says she’s happier now than after shedding six stone

Vanessa Feltz, 56, sat down with Holly and Phil on This Morning to discuss her weight, which has seen her lose and gain six stone over the years, and which she called “a battle and a right bore”. Detailing how she found herself overweight, Vanessa explained: “I wasn’t a fat child, what happened to me […]

Tyson Fury reveals four stone weight loss secret before Anthony Joshua fight is THIS drink

Tyson Fury has lost a whopping four stone, and now the boxing star has revealed the incredibly simple secret to his smaller frame. The 29-year-old from Wythenshawe is back in the ring to take on Anthony Joshua. Fury, who is a Catholic and married his wife Paris in 2009, told Good Morning Britain presenters one […]

Avengers Infinity War end: Is [SPOILER] alive INSIDE Soul Stone for Avengers 4 return?

Audiences are still trying to recover from the emotional highs and very lows of Infinity War. Thanos may have demanded our silence, but he could have warned us to bring tissues. As feared, Avengers 3 finally delivered the biggest losses in superhero history. Many fans are already convinced that the final scenes can somehow be […]

Weight loss: Woman lost over SIX stone by making THIS easy change anyone can do

Weight loss is never easy, but one woman certainly made it look like that in before and after photos posted on social media. Her six stone weight loss and transition from overweight to slim and muscular is inspiring. Photos show she has lost weight from every part of her body, including her arms, waist, face […]

REVIEW: This week's best Rock & Metal releases from The Damned to Black Stone Cherry

BLACK STONE CHERRY Family Tree. (Mascot). ***** 5 stars. Hard Southern rockers Black Stone Cherry hit the jackpot with this their sixth release. These Kentucky boys have built a reputation as a must-see live band and many of the songs on Family Tree will become fan favourites for years to come. In fact, it’s their […]

Avengers Infinity War trailer proves THANOS has the Soul Stone: LOOK

It’s the biggest question in the whole Marvel-lous galaxy right now, apart from the whereabout of that elusive archer. Nobody knows where Hawkeye is but fans have finally discovered who has the missing Infinity Stone and it is just as they feared. As Infinity War starts, fans know that the Mind Stone is with Vision, […]