The mysterious trader known as ’50 Cent’ appears to be back betting on more stock market chaos

Twitter / Cantor Relief The mysterious volatility trader known as “50 Cent” appears to have made some new bets this week that the stock market will see turbulence over the summer. The trades match a growing sentiment across Wall Street that the stock market could be in for a rocky ride over the next few […]

Property house prices: UK housing stock at 'record low' as homeowners delay for Brexit

The property market has seen house prices in the UK in April experience slower growth compared to March as Brexit looms. The latest report, which takes into account the UK housing market in 2018, has seen growth dwindle as estate agents report a fall in homeowners buying and selling their properties. The report contains an […]

Two Asian stock exchanges tussle over market data

BUYING and selling shares in India is not for the faint of heart. Its own central-bank governor reckons equity capital is taxed up to five times. Never fear. There is a well-established alternative. Investors can just as easily buy financial instruments that track share prices but are not themselves shares. Such “derivatives” are used across […]

The New York Stock Exchange Has Its First Woman President. Is She on a Glass Cliff?

In April, officials in New York City decided to move the “Fearless Girl,” the statue commissioned by a financial firm to stare down the Charging Bull of Wall Street, in what became a symbol of female grit, to a spot outside the New York Stock Exchange. Just over a month later, the NYSE announced that […]

Credit Suisse has made some big hires as it bids to become top 5 player in stock trading (CS)

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini/File Photo Credit Suisse is adding more firepower to its stock trading business.  Alexander Englander is joining Credit Suisse from Barclays as its head of equity sales in the Americas, according to an internal memo reviewed by Business Insider Anthony Buoscio is also joining the Swiss bank from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where […]

Apple exits Wi-Fi game, AirPort routers discontinued after stock sells out

Enlarge / The AirPort Express was last updated in 2013. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) After sitting in silence for years, Apple’s AirPort base station devices will fade away soon. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is officially discontinuing the AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, and Time Capsule Wi-Fi routers. The company hasn’t updated any of the AirPort […]

It’s time to start paying attention to the stock market’s ‘biggest risk’

Thomson Reuters Credit spread is the difference between yields with the same maturities and varying quality.  The credit spread has widened over recent weeks.  A widening credit spread is the “biggest risk” to the stock market, according to one analyst.  Tightening credit conditions could mean bad news for the stock market.  The credit spread, which […]

Stock markets ‘right on the brink’ of 50% crash, financial expert warns

US stock markets are currently passing through the same peaks they faced 11 years ago, right before the massive sell-off that triggered the 2008 financial crisis, according to Phil Town, who sold his stocks before the crash. “I think we are right on the brink. The logic is pretty straightforward from a fundamental point of […]

GUNDLACH: Bitcoin leads stock market movements

Thomson Reuters Jeffrey Gundlach of DoubleLine Capital said bitcoin is proving to be a new stock market indicator. Gundlach added that bitcoin carries so much predictive power “because it was the poster child of the speculative mood late last year.” Gundlach does not own bitcoin. Bitcoin, the highly volatile digital currency, is proving to be […]