FBI warns taxpayers to beware of new scams to steal W-2 info

Enlarge (credit: IRS) With fewer than two months before tax returns are due, the FBI is warning of an increase in new scams that try to trick taxpayers and employers into sending employee records, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and other sensitive information. The scams are most often directed at human resources departments in […]

uTorrent bugs let websites control your computer and steal your downloads

Enlarge / A screenshot of one of the uTorrent PoC exploits in action. (credit: Google Project Zero) Two versions of uTorrent, one of the Internet’s most widely used BitTorrent apps, are vulnerable to a host of easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities that allow attackers to execute code, access downloaded files, and snoop on download histories, a Google Project […]

Hackers take control of security firm’s domain, steal secret data

(credit: Yuri Samoilov/Flickr) A Dutch security firm recently fell victim to a well-executed attack that allowed hackers to take control of its servers and intercept clients’ login credentials and confidential data. The security firm, Fox-IT, said in a blog post published last week that the so-called “man-in-the-middle attack” lasted for 10 hours and 24 minutes, […]

North Korea hackers steal bitcoin by targeting currency insiders

Bitcoin values are skyrocketing, and North Korea appears to be trying to profit from that virtual gold rush. Secureworks reports that the Lazarus Group (a team linked to the North Korean government) has been conducting a spearphishing campaign against cryptocurrency industry workers in a bid to steal bitcoin. The attacks have tried to trick workers […]

WATCH: Viral video shows thieves steal car in broad daylight – then hit by INSTANT karma

A viral video has captured the moment a group of car thieves were thwarted in their attempts. The video shows a man attempting to get into his car at the side of the path in broad daylight.  Suddenly, a car from behind him stops as four men exit, attacking him on the pavement before getting […]

REVEALED: Hotel secrets explain what you ARE allowed to steal from your room

Hotels offer guests a huge variety of amenities free of charge in a room to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Many guests often take some of the items home with them as mementoes of the trip. It has since been revealed what is allowed to be taken from the room which the hotels […]

Uber accused of hiring ex-CIA spies to steal trade secrets from rivals

Published time: 29 Nov, 2017 09:20 Taxi service Uber had a team of employees spying on rival companies to steal trade secrets, a former employee testified in US federal court in San Francisco. According to Uber’s former manager of global intelligence Richard Jacobs, the company hired former CIA agents to help infiltrate computers of rivals. […]

Kaspersky: Yes, we obtained NSA secrets. No, we didn’t help steal them

Enlarge (credit: Mikhail Deynekin) For almost two months in 2014, servers belonging to Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab received confidential National Security Agency materials from a poorly secured computer located in the United States that stored the files, most likely in violation of US laws, company officials said. The classified source code, documents, and executable binaries were […]