Man Utd transfers UNCOVERED: Mourinho showdown talks, no deals ready, Pogba staying

Mourinho warned at the weekend that United would face “a difficult season” if he did not land a new centre-back but, despite being linked to four targets, it is understood United are not close to pushing any of them over the line before today’s 5pm deadline. That is bound to increase the tension between Mourinho […]

Rebel Tories say they have enough MPs to push Theresa May into staying in single market — if Labour backs it

A group of Conservative MPs say they have enough support to make the UK stay in the single market. One senior Conservative backbencher told The Independent that it will depend on “exactly how any particular amendment is phrased.” A major battle is brewing over Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of support for the single market. Rebel Tory […]

First Martians board game makes a powerful case for staying on Earth

Enlarge / The components are (generally) good quality. (credit: Owen Duffy) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at For millennia, humans have been captivated by Mars. To the ancient Romans, the “red planet” represented the god of war, presiding over conquest and glory. […]

Staying Put

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson unveiled an ambitious US strategy for ousting Syrian President Bashar al Assad on Wednesday that relies on an indefinite US military presence in the country, an insurrection within the Assad regime and a groundswell of support from the beleaguered Syrian people. The speech represents the most comprehensive case Tillerson has […]

Debtors in China are placed on a blacklist that prohibits them from flying, buying train tickets, and staying at luxury hotels

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images China lists the names and personal details of 8.8 million debt defaulters on a public website. Those defaulters can’t fly or use high-speed trains, book fancy hotels or enroll their children at expensive schools. Naming and shaming is growing across the country, with automatic messages playing on mobile phones and the names […]

Superhero Bits: Marvel Shows Staying at Netflix for Now, Justice League Reacts to Infinity War & More

Which chart-topping singer is interested in playing Nightwing? Will Netflix’s Marvel shows be sticking around Netflix when Disney launches their own streaming service? Can Shazam be the Guardians of the Galaxy of the DC Extended Universe? What’s going on with Hulk and Iron Man in a new Avengers 4 set photo? Which superhero movie is […]