Standing up at work may help burn calories — but there’s a better way to avoid the harms of sitting all day

Flickr / Alba García Aguado Sitting all day is terrible for you, and even working out regularly isn’t enough to counteract the harm it causes. Standing desks have been portrayed as a way to counteract the risks of sitting, and a new study claims standing at desk could help you lose weight. The real solution, […]

Darkest Hour: Gary Oldman’s Churchill speech receives STANDING OVATIONS from audiences

The World War II drama is one of this year’s hottest Oscars contenders and audiences have been showing their appreciation around the world. During the final scene of Darkest Hour, Oldman’s Churchill addresses the House of Commons with the famous “We shall fight on the beaches” speech, in June 1940. According to the Telegraph, the […]

Trump tells crowd in Nashville to ‘get up’ and give him a standing ovation

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters President Donald Trump gave a speech to the Farm Bureau in Nashville on Monday. The speech hit on a variety of topics, including the proposed border wall and the GOP tax law. During a discussion of the estate tax, Trump requested the crowd “get up” and give a standing ovation. President Donald Trump […]

Lesser known Canadian curlers standing tall at mixed doubles trials

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — Brad Gushue. Jennifer Jones. Kaitlyn Lawes. John Morris. Most Canadian curling fans recognize these names. No question they were considered favourites going into the mixed doubles Olympic trials.  The field is chalked full of some of the most impressive players in curling but as the playoffs near some lesser known teams are […]

Michael Crawford breaks down on All Star Musicals amid standing ovation

The 75-year-old comedian and actor attempted to fight back tears as he appeared to cry at the start of the programme. Crawford – who portrayed the original title role in The Phantom of the Opera – was co-hosting the ITV Christmas special with former cricketer Freddie Flintoff. Flintoff introduced Crawford, saying: “Please welcome the one […]

CREW’s Emoluments lawsuit against Trump dismissed for lack of standing

Congress, not the courts, should have the final say on whether President Donald Trump is in violation of the US Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, a federal judge ruled in dismissing two lawsuits filed against the president. On Thursday, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, better known as CREW, failed to convince US District Court […]

Building wealth starts with out-thinking your emotions — here are 5 mental traps standing in your way

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty “Dollars and Sense,” by behavioral economist Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler explains that people tend to approach money irrationally. But to build wealth, we have to out-think our emotions. To do it, we have to be aware of psychological pitfalls like “opportunity costs” and the “endowment effect.” Saving money is notoriously harder than […]

Tim Allen on Last Man Standing Cancellation: 'Nothing More Dangerous Than a Likable Conservative'

In a new interview, Tim Allen is speaking out against ABC’s decision to cancelLast Man Standing after six seasons, and the failed deal to revive the family comedy on cable network CMT. “It’s hard,” Allen says during a sit-down on Norm Macdonald Live. “I have no idea why [ABC] did what they did.” But that […]