Deliciously spooky Pet Sematary trailer will give you the chills

Horror novelist Stephen King is having a cultural moment with various film and TV projects. The latest is Pet Sematary, coming next year from Paramount Pictures. This is the second film adaptation of the bestselling 1983 novel by Stephen King, and judging from the trailer, it could well prove to be the definitive one. The […]

Google Maps Street View: Very creepy figures spotted lurking in spooky cemetery

Google Maps Street View has captured a very spooky image set in a graveyard in the US. The shot is, at first glance, of a picturesque green, wooded area with late afternoon sunlight streaming through the trees. It was taken at Martha Chapel Cemetery in Texas, USA, which in itself sets a foreboding tone to […]

Meet the 8 spooky AT&T buildings that almost certainly also serve the NSA

Enlarge / The microwave tower on the roof of 420 South Grand Ave. was decommissioned in the 1990s and stands in contrast to the more modern buildings in downtown Los Angeles. (credit: Henrik Moltke) In a new article published Monday, The Intercept has now revealed what it describes as secret AT&T facilities across several American […]

‘Perceptions Of The Dead 2’ Tells Sometimes Cute, Sometimes Spooky Ghost Stories

After a live stream from a haunted hospital, Jill has found herself not just investigating hauntings, but dealing with the fact that ghosts are real. Some of them could even use her help, too, but when she tries to do something for a ghost who’s been following her, she starts to see some of the […]

Google Earth: Spooky symbol spotted in the Great Salt Lake – is it a message from BEYOND?

Created to bring word travel to the general public, Google Earth allows users to search the globe in a few clicks of a button.  Using footage collected by satellites, the entire world can be viewed from thousands of miles away. From the snowy scenes in Antartica to the great open desert plains of Death Valley […]

Google Maps: A spooky house with 500 years of secret history captured – visitors beware

Capturing everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary, Google Maps street view has grown in popularity. Google has strapped cameras to a whole host of people and things in the hope of mapping the world. Alongside popular tourist destinations, visitors can now explore some of the world’s lesser known attractions, some of which have a […]

Google Maps: Street view captures spooky island with a DARK secret – would you visit?

Making world travel accessible to the general public, Google Maps’ street view tool as been in action since 2005 capturing far flung corners of the globe.  From scenic landscapes, to under the sea, Google has been attaching to cameras to a whole host of humans and objects to bring world travel into the comfort of […]