BBC News: Fans in uproar at BBC Breakfast as show SPOILS Bodyguard DEATH ending

BBC Breakfast, which was hosted by Jon Kay, 49, and Louise Minchin, 50, discussed the intensely thrilling drama, Bodyguard, which has gripped the nation.  They were joined by Hamish Brown, former Metropolitan Police Detective and Scott Bryan, Buzzfeed’s TV Editor on the sofa, who gave their opinions on the theories surrounding the finale. Both presenters […]

Roseanne Barr Spoils Her Character's 'Cynical, Horrible' Fate on The Conners

Roseanne Barr isn’t happy with the way The Conners is handling her character’s exit. In a podcast released over the weekend, Barr spilled the beans on how the upcoming Roseanne offshoot will write off her character Roseanne Conner: “They killed her. They have her die of an opioid overdose.” Last season, on the Roseanne revival, Roseanne’s […]

WWII relics & cutting-edge US drones: Spoils of Syrian war displayed in Russia (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Weaponry captured from militants during the anti-terrorism campaign in Syria has been put on display in Russia. RT highlights the most peculiar trophies, which range from WWII relics to modern drones, used by US special ops. The weapons have been put on display at the Army-2018 forum, which is being held outside Moscow near the […]

Watch as Tom Holland strikes again and spoils ‘Infinity War’ for a packed theater of excited fans

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images/Marvel Warning: Major spoilers ahead for “Avengers: Infinity War.” The cast of Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” clearly had more slip-ups when it came to spoilers than anyone realized. After video resurfaced showing Mark Ruffalo accidentally spilling the beans last year, now fans are sharing a clip of Tom Holland ruining his character’s death […]

Rabada spoils Khawaja’s day

Video Rabada spoils Khawaja’s day1:12 Cricket: Kagiso Rabada has taken the vital wicket of Usman Khawaja late on day three to leave Australia reeling in the second Test. March 12th 2018 3 minutes ago /display/ news and galleries/Cricket news and galleries/ Cricket Smith sent packing0:38 March 11th 2018 7 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/Cricket […]

Star Wars Bits: Daisy Ridley ‘Spoils’ ‘The Last Jedi,’ Space Battle Details, and Yes, More Porg News

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Rian Johnson once again confirms who “the last Jedi” is. Daisy Ridley spoils Star Wars: The Last Jedi (but not really). An interview with new Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran. Details on The Last Jedi‘s big space battle. Domhnall Gleason‘s reaction to the Last Jedi screenplay. Mark Hamill […]

Samsung Chromebook Pro review: One misstep spoils the show

My co-workers mercilessly chide me every time I review a Chromebook. “They’re all the same!” they laugh. I then patiently explain the many variations on the Chromebook formula that exist. From no-frills $ 200 bricks with lousy screens that simply get you online to premium laptops with great design that cost nearly as much as […]

A Cast of Kings S7E04 – The Spoils of War

Joanna and David discuss the fourth episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, “The Spoils of War.” Be sure to check out Joanna’s article about Arya’s fight. Check out Jacob’s review of this episode. Thanks to Blade Geer for performing today’s song. Thanks to for creating our podcast art. Follow us on […]

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’: Prologue With ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’? International Trailer Spoils Big Surprise

The cross-pollination of the Disney empire will be in full effect, with a five-minute preview of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales possibly getting attached to screenings of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when it opens in May. And while we’re here, let’s also watch the new international trailer, which reveals […]