Animal Kingdom Recap: Death Wish — Plus, [Spoiler] Swims With the Fishes

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s (trust me on this) wholly unpredictable Animal Kingdom. After last week’s Animal Kingdom confirmed for Pope that it had been Smurf who’d had Baz rubbed out, it probably didn’t come as any surprise to viewers that in Tuesday’s episode, Andrew was plotting matricide. But what probably did knock […]

Siren Cast Looks Ahead to Season 2, Theorizes a 'Wild' Change for [Spoiler]

It’s the question on every Siren fan’s mind: Will Ben grow his hair out for Season 2? PHOTOSPost Mortem: Young & Hungry‘s Emily Osment Breaks Down Series Finale Cliffhanger, Offers Update on Wrap-Up Movie ‘Talks’ Naturally, the conversation included a brief detour to ‘Shipsville, at which time Eline Powell offered her thoughts on how Siren‘s “love triangle” […]

The Affair Kills Off [Spoiler] Ahead of Fifth and Final Season

Warning: The following contains spoilers from The Affair Season 4, Episode 8. The Affair will never be the same following Sunday’s devastating revelation. In the third-to-last episode of Season 4, the Showtime drama killed off Alison Bailey, played by original cast member Ruth Wilson. The character, who had long suffered from depression over the loss of […]

Animal Kingdom Recap: Take the Money and Run — Plus, [Spoiler] Is Pregnant

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s momentous Animal Kingdom — the kind of spoilers that may put you off peanut butter forevermore. Welcome to your nightmare. Tuesday’s Animal Kingdom might have been emotionally traumatic for Pope, Deran and Craig, but it was traumatic, period, for Marco — and all of us who witnessed the horrific […]

‘Hereditary’ Spoiler Review: Family is Horror

(In our Spoiler Reviews, we take a deep dive into a new release and get to the heart of what makes it tick…and every story point is up for discussion. In this entry: Ari Aster’s Hereditary.) In its opening days, Hereditary has sailed past tracking expectations and earned A24 its biggest weekend release yet. Ari Aster’s indie […]

X-Men Dark Phoenix plot LEAK after test screening? ‘[Spoiler] DIES and MORE’

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR X-MEN DARK PHOENIX The fourth entry into the X-Men prequel series has been pushed back to February next year, but a test screening allegedly happened last year. An anonymous Reddit user – who has since deleted their account – has shared what could be the plot for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, with […]

Drag Race Recap: A Social Experiment Ends in Disaster for [Spoiler]

In the most gender-bending episode of the season, Thursday’s Drag Race found the six remaining queens butching themselves up before giving a gaggle of social media stars the makeover of their lives. MINI CHALLENGE: BUTCH IT UP This week’s mini challenge tasked the Top 6 with creating butch characters to advertise Trade, a new fragrance […]

Daily Podcast: The Big Deadpool 2 Spoiler Discussion Episode

On the May 18, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film weekend editor Brad Oman and writer Chris Evangelista to talk about Deadpool 2 in the Spoiler Room. We’ll talk about how the film pulled off that big X-Force moment, the cameos you probably missed, the post-credits scene in […]

Deadpool 2 shock CAMEO: You won’t believe how much [SPOILER] was paid

WARNING: Spoiler ahead for Deadpool 2. Many viewers have told how they couldn’t believe their eyes when Brad Pitt showed up in the film. The star’s appearance was so last-minute, not even cast members were 100% sure if it had happened. But now, co-writer Rhett Reese has revealed how much he was paid – and […]