‘Right to decide:’ Thousands of Basques protest Spain's direct rule of Catalonia

Tens of thousands took to the streets of the Basque Country’s largest city of Bilbao despite the rain to express their discontent with Madrid’s decision to impose direct rule over Catalonia following its unilateral declaration of independence. The streets of Bilbao were flooded with protesters carrying umbrellas on Saturday. Some 44,000 demonstrators took part in […]

San Sebastian: Explore Spain's rugged north coast with vineyards, beaches and tapas

GETTY San Sebastian is located in the heart of the Basque region on Spain’s rugged northern coast Eating is almost a religion around here,” said our guide Marina, as we stood at the bar and devoured yet another delicious delicacy at yet another pintxos bar. This time it was bread topped with mushrooms and prawns […]

700k protest Spain's referendum crackdown in Barcelona – local police (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Up to 700,000 people have taken to the streets of Barcelona in the wake of Sunday’s controversial Catalonia independence referendum, municipal police announced. Huge crowds rallied Tuesday against the violent crackdown on voters by Spanish police. Roads and traffic was blocked throughout the city on Tuesday, as protesters marched, chanting, “Independence!” and “The streets will […]

Spain's state prosecutor orders probe into 700+ Catalan mayors for cooperating with referendum

Published time: 13 Sep, 2017 11:44 Edited time: 13 Sep, 2017 12:08 Spain’s state prosecutor has ordered a criminal investigation of 712 Catalan mayors for cooperating with an independence referendum planned for next month, which is not recognized by the country’s central government. The referendum has also been denounced by the Spanish judiciary, who held […]

Your Next Getaway: Spain's Secret Oasis That Even Locals Don't Know About

The barren, rocky highway twists and turns like a cobra that’s downed a fifth of tequila. This is Nowheresville, Spain, a desert land of sand and sky, shrubs and windmills, sun and more sun. The farther you wind along on the seemingly endless road, the more you begin to question whether this was all a […]