'What a d******' Outrage over photo of BMW parked over two spaces with two tickets 

It’s a sight many motorists in the UK will have experienced first hand – a car parked over two spaces. Culprits are usually owners of flashy and expensive cars, who are looking to protect their precious motor from car park prangs. After shelling out tens of thousands of pounds on a shiny new set of […]

Stunning Photos of Abandoned Spaces in Japan

French photographer Romain Veillon is fascinated by disrepair and decomposition – it’s the primary preoccupation of his book, Ask the Dust– and his new photo series “Sonatine” falls within that tradition. It’s the result of a 2016 trip to Japan, where Veillon sought out abandoned buildings, finding a rare and haunting beauty in these forgotten […]

Trans people won’t get legal access to public single-sex spaces, ministers pledge

Trans people will not be legally entitled to access single-sex spaces, the government said. The Equalities Commission said the rights of those identifying as female should not override those of women who are biologically female. Despite warnings from rights campaigners that single-sex facilities, such as toilets and changing rooms, discriminate against the transgender community, the […]

Two spaces after period are better than one, except maybe they aren’t, study finds

Enlarge / Two spaces are better. Well, at least to me. (credit: Nora Karol Photography/Getty Images) In what may be one of the most controversial studies of the year, researchers at Skidmore College—clearly triggered by a change in the American Psychological Association (APA) style book—sought to quantify the benefits of two spaces after a period […]

University safe spaces could be having ‘chilling effect’ on free speech, MPs warn

Universities should reconsider the idea of ‘safe spaces’ because of the “chilling effect” they could have on freedom of expression, MPs have warned. A parliamentary committee expressed serious concerns over higher education safe space policies, aimed at preventing controversial speakers from having a platform for fear their speeches may be offensive. The Committee on Human […]

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces: House boat transformation is a hit with fans

This week George Clarke‘s programme on Channel 4 featured a “young couple who have put everything into putting a home on water”. The couple, kitchen fitter Sam, 30 and his partner Adele, had bought a waterlogged house boat to make into a home – with a deadline of five weeks. The benefit of the house […]

Amazon Sumerian lets you build VR/AR spaces in a browser—with an AI guide

Enlarge (credit: Amazon) Amazon has announced a browser-based toolkit called Sumerian that the company hopes will make virtual reality and augmented reality development accessible to people without advanced coding or 3D rendering skills. Currently in preview, Sumerian allows the creation of VR and AR scenes that target platforms like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and […]

Facebook Spaces gets multiplayer fishing with Bait! Arctic Open

When Bait! from Resolution Games first launched on Gear VR it introduced several visually pleasing vistas at which players could cast their line for some recreational fishing. With a mixture of free-to-play design and some light microtransactions, it quickly soared on the platform and became one of the most-downloaded mobile VR experiences available. Now today Bait! is […]