Progress cargo spacecraft makes fastest-ever trip to space station (VIDEOS)

A Russian Progress cargo spacecraft on a Soyuz booster carrying supplies for the International Space Station crew has successfully completed its record-breaking two-orbit trip in less than four hours. The Progress MS-09 blasted off atop a Soyuz-2.1a rocket at 21:51 GMT Monday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Some 1.5 hours and several thruster firings […]

Earth must strengthen its defenses against mutant space bacteria – Russian scientists

Terrestrial bacteria that were sent to space and returned changed now pose a threat to the existence of life on Earth, and measures must be taken planetside to contain them, Russian scientists said. A Russian experiment called ‘Biorisk’ has revealed that various microorganisms from Earth were able to survive in the harsh conditions of space […]

Russia tests new manned space capsule in hypersonic wind tunnel (VIDEO)

The future Russian spacecraft, set to replace tried and trusted Soyuz, has been tested in a hypersonic wind tunnel. The capsule will not be protected by a fairing during launch and requires refining of its shape and composition. The spacecraft, called PTK Federation, has been meticulously developed during the past decade. It is being designed […]

‘Objects In Space’ Lets Players Customize Their Starship For Trade, Stealth, Or Piracy

Objects in Space gives you your own starship and a galaxy to explore, picking up trade jobs, hiding from organized criminals, dodging shifty governments, or robbing shady captains as you see fit. Just take some time to tweak your ship’s build depending on what you want to do, though, as not all ships are created […]

'Ten times cheaper': Russian space company testing iodine rocket engine

Russian spacecraft manufacturer Energia is developing an electric propulsion rocket engine which runs on ‘pure’ iodine. The new thruster can make rockets smaller, lighter and cheaper. Engineers have patented a method of using iodine for electric-powered spacecraft propulsion, the Energia Space and Rocket Corporation said on Thursday. The company, based in the Moscow region, is […]

Multiplayer Battler ‘Grotoro’ Is About Gassy Bulls In Space

Grotoro is all about being a bull and charging into your buddies, knocking them for a loop. However, it’s hard to get much traction in space without some form of thruster, but luckily, a hint of indigestion is just what these amorphous animals need to get a little shot of propelling gas in this goofy […]