Avengers 4: Captain America travels back in time to obtain the Soul Stone from [SPOILER]?

WARNING SPOILER FOR AVENGERS INFINITY WAR AHEAD The Avengers are seriously screwed. At the end of Infinity War, Thanos, the villain won and half the universe died – included a ton of the superheroes. So what do they do now? Well Marvel‘s Avengers 4 set photos have suggested some sort of time travel or multi-verse […]

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Director Joe Russo Confirms the Soul Stone Theory

The director of Avengers: Infinity War may have just confirmed a popular fan theory and hinted at major plot for Avengers 4. Joe Russo, part of the directing duo with his brother Anthony Russo, appeared at an Iowa high school’s Q&A to answer questions about the latest Marvel film, and in the process, dropped what could be a big Avengers 4 […]

Avengers Infinity War end: Is [SPOILER] alive INSIDE Soul Stone for Avengers 4 return?

Audiences are still trying to recover from the emotional highs and very lows of Infinity War. Thanos may have demanded our silence, but he could have warned us to bring tissues. As feared, Avengers 3 finally delivered the biggest losses in superhero history. Many fans are already convinced that the final scenes can somehow be […]

Avengers Infinity War ending: Gamora's SOUL is the key to everything in Avengers 4

It’s no coincidence the biggest mystery before Infinity War hit cinemas was about one particular Infinity Stone. The Soul Stone was the only one never seen before and was seemingly hidden where Thanos or those who oppose him would never find it.  The path to this Infinity Stone was the most devastating one for Thanos […]

You can keep your sunshine: Traveling in the rain is better for the soul

Share this article Forget tropical islands and balmy sunsets—what about windswept hills, mist-shrouded mountains, soaking cities, stormy coasts and moss-covered forests? Jo Stewart argues that rain, far from ruining a trip, can make it even more special. I’ve been rained on in Milan. I’ve skipped puddles in London. I’ve collected snowflakes on my tongue in […]

Avengers Infinity War trailer proves THANOS has the Soul Stone: LOOK

It’s the biggest question in the whole Marvel-lous galaxy right now, apart from the whereabout of that elusive archer. Nobody knows where Hawkeye is but fans have finally discovered who has the missing Infinity Stone and it is just as they feared. As Infinity War starts, fans know that the Mind Stone is with Vision, […]

Avengers Infinity War FIRST SCREENING: Now we KNOW where the Soul Stone is

Where is the missing Infinity Stone? Across ten years and 18 films Marvel has painstakingly revealed the other five but the final one has remained a total mystery. Many fans were expecting it to be revealed in Black Panther, as the last movie to hit cinemas before Avengers 3. Many marvellous things were revealed in […]

Avengers Infinity War: SOUL STONE finally REVEALED in NEW TV spot – WATCH

During the last 18 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, released over the course of a decade, the location of five out of six Infinity Stones have been revealed. Now with Avengers Infinity War arriving at the end of the month – and Thanos in hot pursuit of those powerful gems – fans are still in the […]

Ted Nugent said the Parkland teens attacking the NRA are ‘mushy brained children’ who have ‘no soul’

Randy Snyder/Getty Images Conservative musician and NRA supporter Ted Nugent called the Florida shooting survivors “mushy brained children” who have “no soul” due to their gun-control advocacy. Some of the Parkland students demanded an apology on Saturday. The comments come amid backlash against another prominent conservative, Laura Ingraham, whose Fox News show saw an exodus […]

Avengers Infinity War: Why Thanos' army attacks Wakanda REVEALED – It’s NOT the Soul Stone

The first trailer for the Marvel epic showed a massive Lord of the Rings-esque battle in Wakanda with Thanos’ Outriders charging at Black Panther’s army and the Avengers. Fans had suspected the reason was to protect the Soul Stone, the final Infinity gem to be revealed, but of Avengers Infinity War’s directors has now confirmed […]