Creative Problem Solving: Create Meaning from Contradictory Ideas

Those who succeed in an unending changing environment are able to do one thing really well: Create meaning from contradictory ideas. We can create meaning by determining the factor of the interaction between contradictory ideas. We can do this through what is known as the Dialectic Method. This method was constructed mainly by Karl Marx, […]

+iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens) Tests Players’ Puzzle Solving Abilities

If you enjoy a good, quick brain teaser, then you might be alien enough to get through the puzzles presented in +iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens). Going from a quiet home to being surrounded by creatures that do not speak your language, you’ll be forced to go through a series of challenging puzzles to […]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance — crime doesn’t pay … except when solving RPG quests

I’ve just started on my quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and I’m not sure what to think about it yet. The medieval open-world adventure — that I’ve started describing as “Skyrim minus fantasy” — takes its time before unleashing you on its world, so I’m still unsure what options I have to solve any particular […]

Florida police’s bizarre crime solving method

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has a novel way to catch wanted fugitives – by playing a bizarre version of Wheel of Fortune called ‘Wheel of Fugitive.’ The sheriff’s office shares weekly episodes of ‘Wheel of Fugitive’ on Facebook. It features Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who says the game is “my favourite time of […]

Solving Murder Cases, Chicago PD-Style

Jose “Kool-Aid” Melendez had been shut in an interview room in Chicago’s Area 5 police station for hours answering one question after another about cars he owned or had owned when, according to Kool-Aid, Detective Reynaldo Guevara suddenly began to beat him. Where’s the car at, Kool-Aid said the detective demanded to know. Kool-Aid repeated […]

Uurnog Uurnlimited – Collect Cute Animals While Solving Puzzles Your Way

Uurnog Uurnlimited is about grabbing adorable animals. And puzzles. And sometimes accidentally blowing up everything you’ve worked to accomplish. But there’s also dogs you can take for a walk in co-op (assuming you don’t blow them up, too)! Uurnog Uurnlimited puts a hapless hero in a world made up of block-based creatures and items. All […]

Tesla jumps more than 3% after reportedly solving its Model 3 bottleneck (TSLA)

Benjamin Zhang/Business Insider Tesla’s partner, Panasonic, says the automaker has figured out its production problems with the Model 3. The company should be able to make vehicles much faster now.  Tesla closed up 3.28% on Tuesday. Tesla shares jumped 3.28% on Tuesday to $ 330.94 a piece after the company’s battery production partner said that it has solved its production bottleneck. […]

Is X > 8? Solving Apple’s iPhone sales equation

Enlarge / The display dominates the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 saw Apple’s weakest new phone sales in years, while iPhone X demand outstripped supply within minutes of the start of pre-orders last night. It would be easy to conclude that an underwhelming iPhone 8 has been ignored by consumers in favor of a much more exciting iPhone X, but it’s actually […]

Mold costs the retail industry millions of dollars every year — this company is solving the problem

Vimeo Embed: 640pxHeight: 360px After learning that the retail industry was plagued by the same ongoing issue —mold — Martin Berman decided to tackle it head on.  Berman, founder of Hong Kong-based Micro-Pak, recognized that mold can jeopardize any retailer that doesn’t take the necessary precautions to keep mold at bay. So, Micro-Pak provides an end-to-end solution to help retail companies fight […]

Russia to US: ‘Stop destroying our relationship, start solving problems you’ve caused’

Published time: 11 Sep, 2017 23:37 The much-touted meeting between US Under Secretary of State Thomas Shannon and Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in Helsinki has produced no breakthrough, with Russia confirming that further retaliatory measures against US diplomats are imminent. “We urged them to stop destroying Russian-American relations and undermining international law, and […]