Aristocrat swaps life of glamour for bliss with son of the soil

Kristyna Drummond-Hay’s ancestors sold Balmoral to Queen Victoria and ruled parts of India during the British Raj. But after falling in love with Michael Lloyd on a matchmaking site for farmers, Kristyna, 36, has chosen a more humble lifestyle. The couple will marry at Christmas and host a reception in a country pub before moving […]

The Morning After: Mars soil samples and a panini press for weed

It’s Monday morning, and we’ve had a space-centric weekend at Engadget. But while NASA is keeping busy, ESPN is axing its comment sections. Oh, and we test out a panini press for weed. The lasers will help them keep track of gravitational anomalies.NASA’s new climate-science satellites switch on their lasers NASA’s new climate-monitoring satellites are […]

Action/Gardening Dark Soil Has Players Reaping What They Sow

Gardening is no easy task, and coupled with deadly plant life, it’s down right dangerous. Dark Soil is a mix of Dark Souls and gardening, having players planting seeds, sprinkling them with water to raise them into vicious vegetation, then fighting the sinister plants they’ve grown. Armed with your trusty watering can and a sack […]

Passport news: Iconic blue passport will NOT be made on British soil

Last year it was celebrated that the iconic blue British passports will be returning to British citizens following the UK’s withdrawal from Europe.  However, the Home Office is left outraged following the announcement that this very British document will not be made on British soil. The security company Gemalto, based in Paris has won manufacturing […]

Crush the right rock and spread it on farms to help soil and the climate

Enlarge / Instead of adding crushed limestone to soil, we could opt for basalt. (credit: Mark Robinson) The best response to a leaking pipe is to stop the leak. But even if you haven’t quite got the leak solved, a mop can keep the pool of water on your floor from spilling into the next […]

Accountancy takes root in the inhospitable soil of Afghanistan

Waiting for the auditor WHEN Afghan lawmakers were debating rules of conduct for accountants, some were confounded by their strictness. Why should those found guilty of murder, asked one member of parliament, be struck off? That is a sign of the challenges facing the professional body for bean-counters, Certified Professional Accountants (CPA) Afghanistan, which was […]

Conor McGregor faced off with Richard Branson in Ireland, stating: ‘He is no Sir on this soil’

Ethan Miller/Getty Images UFC fighter Conor McGregor and Virgin CEO Richard Branson had a play fight in front of a live audience on Wednesday. McGregor posted an image from the night on his Instagram account and told his followers that Branson is “no knighted Sir” in Ireland.   UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has given […]

Chechen leader mocks sanctions & travel ban, says got ‘no order to step on US soil yet’

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 22:17 The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has said that while he is proud to be sanctioned under the Magnitsky Act, the US should search for real human rights abusers at home, “in the White House and the Pentagon.” Kadyrov seemed flattered to be placed on the US […]

ISIS threatens attacks on US soil over Trump's Jerusalem decision

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has threatened attacks in the United States in retaliation for Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, according to one of the terrorist group’s social media accounts. The message was relayed on an account on the Telegram instant message service. In that message, IS said it […]