How to spot social media scams [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internet users love social media. It’s a place where they can cultivate a persona and interact with friends and family. The most popular social media sites in 2019 are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Facebook has reached 2 billion active users, Instagram has 1 billion and LinkedIn is gaining momentum with 590 million users. With so […]

How To Script Your Brand’s Successful Instagram Story [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published on 99firms. Instagram Stories is essentially Instagram’s answer to Snapchat, allowing users to collate pictures and video footage into fun slideshows, which can then be made more interesting by adding text, emojis, and graphics over them. Instagram’s gamble with Stories has worked: within two months of its 2016 launch, it clocked […]

The Growing Impact of Social Media On Sports (Infographics)

Infographics was originally posted at Betting Sites   The drastic change in the social media landscape over the last ten years has had a major impact on all aspects of our lives and sports industry is in no way an exception. Today, sports events and social media go hand in hand. We’re witnessing an era […]

What Is Social Media?

Social media is absolutely everywhere. We have all heard of tweeting, blogging, vlogging, Facebook updates…the list goes on. But what is social media exactly? People are sharing every little aspect of their lives online through social media. Who hasn’t seen the countless Instagram pictures of delicious food and exotic holiday locations, or the “hungry, don’t […]

The social media trap

Social media is a wonderful way to connect with people. But watch out! It can be like an addictive drug for our fixed mindsets. Your fixed mindset is yelling: #validateme! Research shows that our fixed mindsets make us prey to people’s judgments. Worrying more about our projected image than the substance of our lives is […]