Researchers claim to have transferred a memory between two sea slugs

Enlarge / An Aplysia, also known as a sea hare. (credit: Jerry Kirkhart) How does a brain hold on to a memory? There’s evidence for a number of processes, from potentially transient changes in gene expression, through long-term changes in DNA packaging, and up to alterations of the connections among cells. Complicating matters further, none […]

How to get rid of slugs in your house WITHOUT salt or toxic pellets

Slugs’ trails usually appear overnight and by the morning they can have ventured across all your floors, carpets, sofas and even your antique or brand new cabinets.  Sometimes, they’re still there by the morning, and there’s nothing worse than stepping on one in bare feet.  Many people lay down salt or pellets to counteract the […]

Concern growing for brain-invading worms, spread by slugs and rats

Adult female worm of Angiostrongylus cantonensis recovered from rat lungs with characteristic barber-pole appearance (anterior end of worm is to the top). Scale bar = 1 mm. (credit: Lindo et al.) There have been six cases of a rare parasitic infection called “rat lungworm” in Maui in the last three months, health officials reported this […]