‘Slime-San: Superslime Edition’ Offers Tons Of Goopy, Twitchy Platforming

A green slime could use a little help hopping around many, many lethal arenas, dealing with rising stomach acid in a worm’s belly, the underwater hazards of a kraken’s belly, or the machinations of an NPC with aspirations for villainy. All of these mean a lot of jumping, dashing, and slowing time with care, all […]

Slime-san Is A Lo-Fi Platformer That Wants To Sweep You Off Your Feet

Slime-San is the type of twitchy, lighting-quick platformer I‘m happy to spend hours dying in. Advertisement Filled with micro levels similar to Super Meat boy, the fourth project from the New York studio Fabraz takes the labyrinths of classic games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country and condenses them down into a single […]

Slime-San Slimes His Way Into Your Heart

Slime-San leads you right into the belly of the beast. Or, to be more precise, the giant worm. That bastard swallowed our eponymous gelatinous hero and his avian sidekick one fine day without reason, and now it’s all “run for your life or be digested by stomach acid.” Fun times ahead! Every level in this […]