'Old white men with that slave mentality': LeBron James slams NFL owners in comparison with NBA

Basketball superstar LeBron James has ripped into NFL team owners as a “bunch of old white men” with a “slave mentality” when it comes to their players, and says he’s glad the NBA does not have the same atmosphere. In contrast, ‘King’ James expressed his gratitude to NBA commissioner Adan Silver for encouraging interaction from the […]

Illinois prisons to retrain staff after transgender inmate who feels like ‘sex slave’ sues (DEBATE)

After multiple lawsuits from a prisoner who claimed she felt like a ‘sex slave’ in male prisons, the Illinois Department of Corrections is mandating staff training in “transgender issues.” Is it a special privilege or necessity? There are only 28 transgender prisoners in the Illinois correctional system, but one of them – a trans-woman named […]

eBay: ‘Rare’ Abolition of the Slave Trade £2 coin selling for £1000 – YOU could have one

eBay is a coin collector’s paradise, with more and more rare coins added to the site everyday. One of the latest additions to the online auction site is a “rare” £2 coin, celebrating the abolition of the slave trade in 1807. The coin was listed this evening on eBay, with the starting bid of £1,000 […]

eBay: ‘Rare’ Abolition of the Slave Trade £2 coin SOLD for £600 – could you have one?

eBay is full of buyers looking to make a pretty penny from their collectables, with many choosing to list their “rare” small change on the online platform. Attracting keen coin collectors from all over the world, many coins are listed for thousands of pounds, but not that many reach their full asking price. One coin […]

US man who hunted for a child ‘sex slave’ he could ‘cannibalize’ is released on bail

A Myrtle Beach man who voiced his perverse criminal intentions to an undercover cop has been released on $ 20,000 bond. He was among 40 suspects arrested in South Carolina’s largest crackdown on prostitution and sex trafficking. Justin Teeter Bensing, 36, was apprehended by Greenville county police during Operation Milestone, after he solicited sex from […]

DNA from an escaped slave who ended up in Iceland ID’d in his descendants

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty Images) Hans Jonatan left Denmark in 1802 and eventually started a new life as an immigrant in Iceland. But he was an unusual Icelander. Unlike most Icelanders—and even most immigrants to Iceland—Hans Jonatan was mixed-race and a former slave. By piecing together genetic information from his descendants, scientists in […]

Chained, tortured & raped: Italian abuser kept woman as slave, made her bear 2 children in cellar

Published time: 24 Nov, 2017 10:51 Italian police rescued a woman who had been held in an underground cellar and repeatedly raped and tortured for 10 years. She gave birth to two children from her abuser, who chained her to a bed and even forced her son to attack her. Police found the victim, along […]

French police use tear gas to disperse protest against slave auctions in Libya (VIDEO)

Published time: 19 Nov, 2017 06:27 Hundreds of activists flocked to the Libyan Embassy in Paris on Saturday, outraged with the government’s failure to tackle people smuggling after a CCN report unveiled a network of migrant slave auctions in Libya. About a thousand people turned up to the protest following calls by several prominent anti-slavery […]

‘Felt like a slave’: Cleaner sues over alleged abuses at Netanyahu home

Published time: 28 Oct, 2017 11:55 Edited time: 28 Oct, 2017 11:57 Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hit out at claims by a cleaner that she was treated like a ‘slave’ while employed at his residence, labelling the woman’s lawsuit against his office as an attempt to extort money. Read more The prime minister’s […]

A new documentary claims Haribo gummy bears are made using slave labor in Brazil

jamz196/Flickr A 45-minute investigative report aired by German broadcasting station ARD shows alleged slave labor practices behind the making of Haribo ingredients. The documentary claims the company is unknowingly complicit in both slave labor and animal abuse. Haribo uses carnauba wax to make its gelatin, and the ingredient is sourced from Brazilian plantations where workers are […]