‘A tinkle contest with a skunk’: Pelosi trashes Trump’s ‘manhood’ after heated border wall talk

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi had some choice words for the president following an argumentative exchange in the Oval Office in which she blamed him for an impending government shutdown. “It’s like a manhood thing for him,” she said, referring to the president’s obsession with building a border wall. “As if manhood could ever be […]

BMW i: An electric, autonomous, vehicular “Skunk Works”?

BMW I like when car makers get experimental. By their nature, car makers are normally conservative beasts, but progress requires trying new things, even at the risk of the occasional failure. Often, these automotive experiments are carried out by racing departments—always catnip to nerds like me who begin to salivate at the mention of words […]

Innocent woman knocked down by Israeli ‘skunk cannon’ targeting ultra-Orthodox protesters (VIDEO)

Published time: 27 Nov, 2017 00:30 An innocent passerby trying to cross the street in Jerusalem on Sunday has been hit in the back of her head and sent flying several meters away by an Israeli police skunk-water cannon, deployed against ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting army conscription. A crowd of protesters staged yet another sit-in, obstructing […]

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish protesters dispersed by mounted police & skunk cannons in Jerusalem (VIDEOS)

Published time: 26 Nov, 2017 20:39 Some 35 ultra-Orthodox demonstrators have been arrested in Jerusalem during an anti-draft protest. The protesters disrupted road and light rail traffic, while the police deployed stinking water cannons to disperse the crowd. Dozens of ultra-Orthodox anti draft protesters gathered in central Jerusalem on Sunday, blocking road and light rail […]