Fortnite Shop TODAY: New Leaked Season 6 skins in Epic November item update

The Fortnite Shop is getting a big update today as part of the weekly item refresh from Epic Games. And now that Halloween is done, we’re going to be getting new Fortnite season 6 outfits that aren’t so spooky. The Shop will be updated in a few short hours by Epic Games, who will be […]

Fortnite Shop TODAY: New Leaked Season 6 skins in Epic item update

Now that Halloween has been and past, we could be looking at new Fortnite season 6 skins that aren’t so spooky. A new Fortnite shop update is being released in a few hours which is set to repopulate it with new items and outfits. The past few weeks have seen the shop dominated by Halloween […]

Fortnite shop – What skins are in the Fortnite shop today?

Epic Games has again allowed data miners to trawl the weekly update to discover what is in store in the Fortnite shop. We now know which skins another goodies will be arrive. Epic Games has now released Update 6.21 Patch. Update 6.21 highlights include 25 percent damage from explosives through builds, and three popular weapons […]

Fortnite shop – What skins are in the Fortnite shop today?

New Fortnite skins are arriving in the Update 6.21 Patch which was launched today. And early indications from files hidden in the update show there is something for everyone. They include a fearsome Shogun, a terrifying Growler and another another recolour Spookjy Team Leader. Details at the moment remain scarce, although Epic Games are certain […]

Fortnite Shop TODAY: New Leaked Season 6 skins with Halloween item update

Like every week since Fortnite season 6 began, Epic Games are poised to release new skins. Today will see a new range of Fortnite items launched as part of the Halloween season. Many of the recent designs added to the Fortnite Shop are all themed around the spooky holiday. Sunday mornings are when Epic Games […]

Fortnite news: Halloween skins leak, Skull Trooper 2 and Gifting system reveal

Epic Games have been busy over the past few weeks getting their game ready for Halloween. And newly leaked skins have revealed that plenty more spooky content is on the way. Fans can expect a range of new outfits to go live this week in the Fortnite shop. Today saw the launch of Hollowhead, while more […]

Fortnite Shop TODAY: New Leaked Season 6 skins news and item update

Today will see a new range of Fortnite skins released as part of the Halloween season. The latest cosmetics and designs come directly from Epic Games, who have been getting in the spirit of the holiday. Sunday mornings is one of the days Epic Games has designated for new skins to be launched as part of […]

Fortnite Skull Trooper and Ranger skins the first Halloween surprises from Epic Games?

The Skull Trooper and Ranger skins are currently available to buy from the item shop as part of Epic Games’ plans for Halloween. They follow on from the new spooky decorations that can be spotted around the season 6 map. But is there a chance that the Skull Trooper is just the start of something […]

Fortnite news: Halloween skins LEAK, Skull Trooper change, Season 6 update

Epic Games look to be gearing up for a big Halloween season, with costumes popping up around the map. The first Halloween skins have also popped up in the item shop and appear to be the first of many designs being launched in the coming weeks. A new leak from data miners suggests that Epic […]

Fortnite Season 6 battle pass: Epic Games release shock surprise alongside pets and skins

Today has seen a huge wave of new content added to Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite Season 6 is now in full swing and has the usual assortment of skins and cosmetics to collect. One of the big new features is Battle Buddies, a new item that was leaked before the launch of the new battle […]