Fortnite season 6 skins, Halloween 2018 news and big map leaks

Fortnite Season 6 skins have been teased (Image: EPIC GAMES) Epic Games have yet to announce what they have planned for Fortnite Season 6, including what the theme will be, or what kind of skins might be launched. What fans have learnt so far about what’s coming next to the game has been through supposed […]

Fortnite skins UPDATE: Rare Royale Bomber skin is BACK but has a high price

The PS4 exclusive Royale Bomber skin is going to be hitting shelves again this week. It has now been confirmed that US retailer Gamestop will be stocking bundles that include the rare Fortnite skin. The reason why it is so hard to find is that it was originally part of a PlayStation console bundle. This […]

Fortnite shop TODAY: New leaked season 5 skins and item in August update

Fans just have a short amount of time to grab the new Fortnite skins released by Epic Games. The weekend saw a new crop of outfits and one emote launched, providing fans with another chance at grabbing the most recent Fortnite cosmetics. Battle Royale players can grab two new skins by purchasing them from the […]

Fortnite leaked skins: When will update 5.2 leaked outfits be released?

Epic Games are constantly bringing in new skins, items and challenges for players to work through and collect on Fortnite. The latest v5.2 content update today gave players a new Double Barrel Shotgun, as well as the chance to buy the Criterion and Oblivion legendary skins in the Item Shop. But Fortnite players can now look […]

Fortnite Android: New leak reveals popular skins could make release date RETURN

Fortnite Android news is coming thick and fast right now with more revelations about the upcoming release date. Last week it was revealed that Fortnite Android will NOT be appearing on the official Google Play Store. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney confirmed the news, explaining that Epic wants to have a direct relationship with fans. He […]

Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack 3 LEAKED: Free skins release date NEWS

Fortnite fans appear to have discovered the contents of the next Twitch Prime Pack. Twitch Prime Pack 3 was expected to launch shortly after the release of Season 5. But three weeks into the new season and the latest Twitch Prime Pack is nowhere to be found. However, one Fortnite fan believes they’ve discovered the […]

Fortnite Save the World news: Free code latest, Birthday Llama update, Battle Royale skins

Fortnite Save the World saw a flurry of activity this week as Epic Games celebrated the birthday of the game franchise. This included launching new Birthday Llamas in STW, which came with their own unique rewards. Fans can earn tickets to spend on Birthday Llamas, which can contain Heroes and weapons from every event this […]

Fortnite shop update TODAY: New leaked season 5 Skins LIVE July 28

Fortnite fans can now buy and download new season 5 skins from the item shop today. Epic Games announced the update on Twitter, revealing that a new Sun Tan Specialist could be added to your outfit collection for V-Bucks. The Baywatch-style skin leaked with a bunch of other season 5 designs earlier this week. A […]

Overwatch League: How to get Overwatch Grand Finals All-Star skins

Overwatch fans were treated to two new incredible All-Star skins during the Overwatch League Grand Finals and Brooklyn today.  Blizzard announced two new All-Star skins for Genji and Tracer during half time of the Grand Finals match between Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire.  20,000 fans were given an exlsuive look at the new hero skins […]

Fortnite Season 5 skins UPDATE: New leaked Magnus outfit live in item shop

Fans can now download a new set of season 5 skins, courtesy of the Fortnite Battle Royale team. A recent season 5 leak revealed a host of new skins were being prepared for launch by Epic Games. And the first of these new designs can now be found in the official Fortnite item Shop. The […]