Stomach bloating: Get rid of a bulging belly with this simple massage

Stomach bloating is commonly caused by certain foods but can also be a result of trapped wind, constipation, food intolerances or conditions such as IBS. If it’s certain foods causing your bloating, cutting down on these help. Bloat-inducing foods include beans, onions and broccoli. As long as you’re bloating isn’t the result of a more […]

Doctor Offers Simple Solution to Curb Obesity: Swallow a Balloon

This OZY original series brings to you Medical Breakthroughs – and the people behind them – that could change how doctors treat us, find fixes to today’s diseases and make our lives truly better. It’s painful to watch people pick through the plunder at a salad bar. The mind says “salad,” but the heart says […]

Drivers could soon LOSE their licence if they fail THIS simple test

Drivers in the UK could soon lose their licence if they fail a simple road side test (Image: GETTY) Drivers could soon face losing their driving licence if they fail to pass a simple roadside eye-test. A trial conducted by Thames Valley, Hampshire, and West Midlands police forces will see drivers asked to read a […]

There’s one simple explanation for the wage stagnation ‘puzzle’ confounding top Fed officials

AP/Jose Luis Magana Federal Reserve officials have long been baffled by the absence of wage growth for median US workers despite a long-standing economic recovery that has sharply lowered unemployment to 3.9%. A new paper offers a convincing hypothesis for the Fed’s conundrum: underemployment and weak bargaining power for workers is more rampant than the […]

Weight loss: Use this simple dining trick to eat less and lose weight on 12-week diet plan

Weight loss doesn’t need to require lots of hard-to-find foods and expensive gym memberships. Sometimes, just a few small changes can make all the difference. The NHS offers a 12-week weight loss plan and has plenty of top tips to help you shed the pounds. One tip, in particular, is very easy to incorporate into […]

Flight rules: You cannot fly in a plane if you've recently undergone this simple treatment

Flights need to be as safe as possible for everyone on board so certain airlines are very strict with certain health conditions. This means that you might not always be allowed to fly and make be required to present medical paperwork On Virgin Atlantic you won’t be able to fly if you’ve had a general […]

Breast cancer: Simple blood test could identify women at risk of deadliest tumours

A SIMPLE blood test could identify women at risk of developing the deadliest breast tumours, according to new research. Scientists have discovered more than half a dozen genes that trigger ‘triple-negative’ cases – the most aggressive form that is hardest to treat.

Diabetes type 2: Make these 11 simple diet changes to prevent and control the condition

Diabetes type 2 is a lifelong condition that can affect your everyday life. Left untreated it can cause a number of complications, such as eye problems, foot problems, heart attack and stroke. To control your blood sugar level, and to prevent the condition from developing in the first place, it’s advised people with diabetes type […]