Colliding stars or alien solar sails? Detection rate of mysterious space signals doubles

The detection of incredibly powerful signals from deep in space has increased dramatically and the mysterious radio waves are now closer and brighter than ever before. The phenomena, known as ‘fast radio bursts’, have puzzled scientists since their discovery more than a decade ago and now Australian researchers have announced, in a study published in […]

AI detects movement through walls using wireless signals

You don’t need exotic radar, infrared or elaborate mesh networks to spot people through walls — all you need are some easily detectable wireless signals and a dash of AI. Researchers at MIT CSAIL have developed a system (RF-Pose) that uses a neural network to teach RF-equipped devices to sense people’s movement and postures behind […]

Signal’s “disappearing messages” live on in macOS notifications

Enlarge / You may want to nicely ask your friends who use Signal on the Mac desktop to change their notification settings. Signal, the privacy-focused voice and text messaging application, offers an attractive bit of operational security: ephemeral text messages that “self-delete” after a predetermined amount of time. There is just one small problem, however, […]

Mueller signals he is going after bigger fish as he drills down on the central thread of the Russia investigation

The special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly didn’t need former Trump campaign deputy chairman Rick Gates’ cooperation against former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Instead, Mueller wants to know what Gates knew about the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia during the 2016 US election. Gates was a key player during pivotal moments in the campaign, and his […]

Fast radio bursts: What are these ‘insanely powerful,’ unexplained signals from space?

March has been a landmark month for fast radio bursts with three of the unexplained signals from outer space picked up by satellites, including the strongest one ever recorded. But what’s really behind the mysterious phenomena? The bizarre blasts can emit as much power as 500 million suns but they last only a few milliseconds […]

Trump signals he's open to mileage tax to pay for infrastructure fixes

WASHINGTON — The White House on Wednesday praised an experimental program in Oregon that charges a mileage tax to volunteer drivers, adding to signals that President Donald Trump is open to finding new revenue sources to pay for his proposed infrastructure program. Many of Trump’s fellow Republicans, however, dislike the idea of a transportation tax […]

Brexit minister madly backpedals after leaked impact study signals disastrous EU departure

Despite a leaked economic analysis that spells doom for post-EU Britain, Brexit minister Steve Baker insists that all is well; the sky is not going to fall, the ship is not sinking, and economic forecasts are “always wrong.” The leak of Tuesday’s explosive economic analysis, entitled ‘EU Exit Analysis – Cross Whitehall Briefing,’ has MPs […]

Calgary could use Saddledome for 2026 Olympics, IOC signals to local bid project team

International Olympic Committee officials assured the team in charge of exploring a possible Calgary bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics that the aging Saddledome would still be an acceptable venue for hockey and figure skating.  Kyle Ripley, director of the Calgary 2026 Olympic Bid Project Team, also said at a media briefing Tuesday that last week’s visit by IOC […]