The Las Vegas mass shooter was reportedly paranoid about guns being taken away

Getty Images/David Becker A man who says he met Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock less than a month before the October 1 attack told authorities that Paddock warned that US law enforcement would start confiscating guns.  The man, whose name was redacted in reports released Wednesday, quoted Paddock saying somebody has to wake up […]

Skelly Selest Is A Top-Down Shooter Of Dealing With Hell’s Overflow

Hell is a hair too full, and the sinister beings held with cannot be contained any more. This means a certain holy skeleton needs to get those numbers down a little bit by hacking and blasting undead until they’re even more dead in Skelly Selest. Skelly Selest presents you with a different version of Hell […]

Battle Bullet-Winged Bosses In Hectic Arcade Shooter Vectorium

Vectorium is the latest entry in the “minimalist bullet hell action” category of dual stick shooter, complementing the fast-paced combat with clever boss designs and a frenetic abstract style. Guiding an agile triangle through increasingly crazy gauntlets, survival is the goal in Vectorium. It doesn’t take long for the screen to become a kaleidoscope of […]

Bullet hell shooter ‘Ikaruga’ comes to Switch on May 29th

Ikaruga is beloved (and notoriously difficult) Japanese arcade game from the early 2000s, and now it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. The developer, Nicalis, revealed this week that the shoot-em-up style game would be priced at $ 14.99 in the Nintendo eShop. It arrives on May 29th. Back when it was originally released, Ikaruga was […]

Descend Through Abstract Tunnels In Roguelite 6DOF Shooter Pixelpunk XL

Descent and other space shooters popularized six-degrees-of-freedom action, an interesting subgenre that has seen a small resurgence with games like Sublevel Zero and the upcoming Overload. Pixelpunk XL is an interesting take on the concept, presenting alien pixelated environments to fly and blast through. The randomly-generated environments are constructed from odd pixelated rooms and tunnels, […]

Annapurna and Giant Enemy Crab’s shooter Due Process rewards teamwork, not just headshots

Giant Enemy Crab’s first-person shooter Due Process is the latest game to join publisher Annapurna Interactive’s roster of indie games. Ten players will face off in teams of 5, but unlike other shooters, it focuses on teamwork as a fundamental component. The game demoed recently at PAX East, and it will launch for PC on […]

Data Security Goes Ballistic In Cyberpunk Co-Op Shooter Deployment

In Whale Rock Games’ co-op shooter Deployment, future wars between governments and megacorps have escalated into digital conflicts, within the procedural battlefields of servers. In this cyberpunk action game, bots created from information data battle the encroaching forces of megacorps, in a ceaseless virtual war to control data. Working with a friend online or fighting […]

YouTube shooter IDed as woman angry at site’s “age-restricted” policies

Enlarge / Nasim Aghdam claimed that this “workout video” was unfairly subjected to YouTube’s age restrictions. (credit: Nasim Aghdam) The San Bruno Police Department has identified the suspect in Tuesday’s shooting at the YouTube campus as Nasim Aghdam, a 39-year-old woman from San Diego. The confirmation came hours after numerous media sources had initially named Aghdam as […]

The suspected YouTube shooter opened fire at the company’s headquarters has reportedly been identified

Law-enforcement sources cited by multiple local news outlets have reportedly identified the suspected shooter who opened fire at YouTube’s headquarters on Tuesday as Nasim Aghdam. Three people received gunshot wounds, including one man and two women. One other person was injured. The suspect died of a self-inflicted wound, police said. An investigation is underway at […]