Pokemon Go news: Shiny Ponyta and Shiny Cubone live for Ingress Prime celebrations

Pokemon Go Trainers can now catch two new shiny Pokemon as part of the Ingress Prime celebrations today. This includes a shiny green Cubone and blue Ponyta being launched today and now available for capture. Additionally, players have been gifted free in-game avatar items in support of Ingress Prime. Trainers have confirmed that both variants […]

Fortnite Alpha Tournament start times, events tab, Shiny Pin reward status

UPDATE ONE: The Fortnite Alpha Tournament kicked off last night but it wasn’t all smooth sailing for those who took part. Problems with matchmaking and scores made it a pretty rough release for some, with Epic Games confirming changes are on the way. One of the major issues that have been affecting Fortnite players so […]

Pokemon Go Pikachu event news following new psychic shiny release

Niantic has provided yet another new things for Pokemon Go Trainers to catch this week. It started out with a new shiny Krabby to track down, while a new psychic event, including more shiny Pokemon, has just kicked off. So it would seem a little overkill to add yet another new thing to the game […]

Pokemon Go Community Day time set for shiny Chikorita, but don’t forget Mewtwo

Trainers have a chance at catching a brand new shiny Pokemon for their collection today. The Pokemon Go Community Day will include a lot of Chikoritas spawning at set times around the globe. And those set Pokemon Go launch times have been confirmed by Niantic for each region around the world. The September event will […]

Pokemon Go news: Deoxys EX Raid reveal, Shiny Mewtwo coming soon?

Having leaked earlier this week, it has now been confirmed that Deoxys EX Raids are coming to Pokemon Go. A push notification appeared last night that let slip plans to replace Mewtwo, who is launching today as a tier 5 Gym battle. Deoxys will be replacing Mewtwo as an Ex Raid encounter, something that requires […]

Pokemon Go Shiny Growlithe appears, joins Wingull and Moltres Day September rewards

September has only just begun, and fans look set to grab at least four new Shiny Pokemon during the month. Shiny Wingulls are available all across the globe, thanks to the recent Safari Zone event in Japan. And now it looks like Niantic has added a shiny Growlithe to Pokemon Go for this week. It’s […]

Pokemon Go Japan event COUNTDOWN: New shiny catches, Yokosuka Safari Zone Challenges

A big new Pokemon Go event is kicking off in Japan very soon, which will bring a host of new rewards to players around the world. The last of the big Summer 2018 Tour events is being hosted from August 29 to September 2, in Yokosuka, Japan. The final event is promising new shiny catches […]

Pokemon Go crashing on startup error during Shiny Ho Oh countdown

Niantic has released plenty of new quests and raids to complete before the end of August in Pokemon Go. One of the big new events is catching a shiny Ho Oh, which will only be around for a limited time in Raid boss battles. “Attention, Trainers! For a limited time until August 27, the Legendary […]

Pokemon Go Community Day September news following Shiny Eevee evolutions reveal

The latest Pokemon Go Community Day is now wrapping up, with fans expecting event news to arrive later this week. Having enjoyed all the bonuses and caught a bunch of Shiny Eevees, fans are now looking to the future. Every month in 2018 will feature a Community Day, including its own rewards focused around one […]