Pokemon Go Community Day August reveal: Big Pokemon shiny news countdown

Having enjoyed the Pokemon Go Community Day bonuses and caught a bunch of Shiny Squirtles, fans are now looking to the future. Each month in 2018 will feature a Community Day, which will focus on one single Pokemon. So far fans have seen a switch between starters and other Pokemon for each event, something which […]

Pokemon Go news: New Japan event, Shiny Wingull and Squirtle Community Day reward

The Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan, has been announced this week by Niantic. This is the latest Pokemon Go event announced by the company, who are also hosting Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago later this month. This new event kicks off Wednesday, August 29, and lasts until Sunday, September 2 (JST) in […]

Pokemon Go Community Day box secrets as Shiny Larvitar hunt begins

Niantic have put together a new bundle of items that can be bought from the in-game shop. Part of today’s Pokemon Go Community Day celebrations, Trainers are now seeing new boxes popping up that are offering some decent items. The Community Day three-hour event is already ongoing in some parts of the world, with fans […]

Pokemon Go news: New EX Raids revealed, as Shiny Adventure Week event nears end

Niantic have released a new wave of Pokemon Go EX Raids for fans to complete. The good news is that invites are being sent to trainers today, according to the latest chatter online. The bad news is that if you haven’t received one, you’re probably not invited to participate. The new wave of Mewtwo battles […]

Pokemon Go news: Shiny glitch hits game during Niantic Adventure Week

Having got some very good news this week, Pokemon Go fans have been hit by a few ongoing gaming issues. The Adventure Week event was recently announced and provided new bonuses to Trainers, some which were revealed, while others were kept secret. Pokemon Go players were told that more Rock-types would spawn at a greater […]

Pokemon Go Community Day: New Shiny bonus revealed, and it isn’t Charmander

Niantic have confirmed that a new Raid bonus is being released on the same day as May’s Pokemon Go Community Day. Completely out of the blue, fans have been told that Ho Oh will be returning to the Gym roster, starting May 19. As many Trainers will already know, the Legendary bird has already been […]

Pokemon Go Community Day May news confirms Charmander as next Shiny catch

NIANTIC Charmander has been confirmed for May’s Pokemon Go Community Day UPDATE ONE: It has now been confirmed that Charmander will be the May Community Day Pokemon. And that means Pokemon Go Shiny hunters will get their chance of adding the Gen 1 starter to their collections. Each event so far has centered around one Pocket Monster, […]

Pokemon Go Shiny Charmander coming soon as May’s Community Day is revealed

It was hinted at earlier this week and now has been confirmed officially by Niantic. Charmander will be the May Community Day Pokemon. And that means Pokemon Go Shiny hunters will get their chance of adding the Gen 1 starter to their collections. Each event so far has centered around one Pocket Monster, who spawns […]

Pokemon Go Community Day countdown: Event time, Shiny Mareep, Special Move, Unown bonus

Pokemon Go fans are getting ready for the next Community Day, which focuses on Mareep. Fans will be able to capture an increased number of the sheep-like Pokemon during the three hour event, which takes place between 10am and 1pm UK time on April 15. The event also includes a host of new rewards and bonuses. […]

Pokemon Go news: New update APK release, Mareep Shiny reveal, April Community Day

The latest Pokemon Go update promises to be one with a lot of new things to find. Dataminers are currently looking into the APK build to see what they can find hidden in the files. From the official patch notes, Niantic have confirmed that the new quest feature is included. This means that when the […]