Archaeologists use ancient dirty dishes to reconstruct climate shifts

Enlarge / Artist’s reconstruction of the east and west mounds at Çatalhöyük. In the foreground, you can see the newer west mound, with the older east mound decaying in the background. (credit: Çatalhöyük Research Project) Around 8,200 years ago, melting glaciers poured fresh, cold water into the North Atlantic, causing the climate in Europe and […]

Harley-Davidson shifts some production out of America

On their bikes AMERICAN companies “will react and they will put pressure on the American administration to say, ‘Hey, hold on a minute. This is not good for the American economy.’” So said Cecilia Malmström, the European Union’s trade commissioner, on news that Harley-Davidson plans to move some production out of America to avoid tariffs […]

'We like our road game': Jets confident as series shifts to Vegas

The Jets won't be flying to Nevada carrying a heavy load of anger or desperation. After Monday's 3-1 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights tied the Western Conference final best-of-seven series at one game apiece, the Winnipeg players were taking their lumps and confidently looking ahead to Wednesday's Game 3. "We'll be ready to bounce […]

Beckett Is Surreal Noir That Shifts Based On How you Interact With Its Story & World

Beckett is a detective game about a missing persons investigator on the lookout for someone who’s suffering from a “reality-altering illness”. This will lead the detective, Beckett, into a world where reality is falling apart and life is consumed by the surreal, forcing players to grasp at meaning and imagination to fill in the gaps […]

Subtle Shifts ⚖️

Win Mcnamee / Getty Images Chief Justice John Roberts last year. WASHINGTON — Thirteen years into the job, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. remains a conservative — but he has shifted to a more moderate position among the conservative justices on the court, a small change with potentially dramatic consequences. Among the justices appointed […]

Microsoft will have game streaming within 3 years as focus shifts to software

Enlarge / A lot of tech packed into this svelte box. (credit: Kyle Orland) Microsoft is renewing its focus on Xbox software and services, according to Xbox chief Phil Spencer speaking to Bloomberg. The company’s original ambition for the Xbox One spanned not just gaming but also a wide range of TV and media capabilities, […]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Shifts Its Season Around and Will Now Debut 9 Episodes in 2017

When a creator/showrunner bails on a show before it airs and its release date gets pushed back multiple times, those are normally pretty large red flags that a TV series may be in trouble. But despite the rocky start coming out of the space dock, it seems as if Star Trek: Discovery has leveled out nicely so far. The new […]

Exchange-rate shifts have helped the global economy

STICKLERS for value have plenty of reasons to frown at financial markets. Much feels out of whack, from squashed bond yields to pricey stockmarkets. Yet currency markets, at least, seem to have shifted in line with fundamentals this year. Take the euro, for instance. Since the start of 2017 it has risen by almost 15% […]

Hyundai shifts to long-range premium electric cars

Hyundai Motor Co said on Thursday it was placing electric vehicles at the center of its product strategy – one that includes plans for a premium long-distance electric car as it seeks to catch up to Tesla and other rivals. Like Toyota Motor Corp, Hyundai had initially championed fuel cell technology as the future of […]

Branch Messenger helps hourly shift workers swap shifts on mobile

Branch Messenger has created a self-service platform that hourly workers can use to schedule their shifts and manage their time. To do that, it has raised $ 10 million in funding. The Branch app enables workers to use their mobile phones to quickly pick up shifts or swap them at places such as Target stores. […]