Gimme shelter, in style

From the seventh-floor roof terrace you can watch the hustle and bustle of the capital’s busiest tourist hotspot. Peer down at Admiral Nelson as you sip a Soho Sunset cocktail, watching the reflection of the sunset on the towers of the City of London. SLEEP TIGHT After a multi-million pound facelift in 2017, giving rooms […]

People in Los Angeles are offering to shelter the homeless in tiny backyard homes. It could be solution to a spiraling homelessness crisis.

Tony Gutierrez/AP Los Angeles county is close to building one backyard unit for the homeless as part of its $ 550,000 pilot program, but the remaining units could be further behind. Despite interest from both landlords and homeless residents, the county faces a number of logistical and legal barriers. While the county continues its efforts, the […]

There are so many migrant children in one shelter a headcount is taking hours

Administration for Children and Families at the US Department of Health and Human Services Migrant children are being forced to undergo prison-like headcounts at some shelters. At the country’s largest shelter for migrant children, Casa Padre, the count can last for hours. In prison, inmates are usually required to stay in their cells or by […]

Of Mice & Sand: Revised Brings A Desert Journey And Shelter Management To PC

The desert is a ruthless landscape, a sandy expanse littered with the wastes of abandoned architecture. But in Of Mice & Sand: Revised, an expanded version of a 2017 3DS release, you have the means to cross, with your tiny crew and sprawling home on wheels. Managing them effectively is a different story though. To […]

Bitcoin and its rivals offer no shelter from the storm

THE “biggest bubble in human history comes down crashing,” tweeted Nouriel Roubini, an economist, gleefully. After an exhilarating ride skywards in 2017, investors in crypto-currencies have been rudely reminded that prices can plunge earthwards, too. In mid-December the price of bitcoin was just shy of $ 20,000; by February 6th, it had fallen to $ […]

Hawaiians run for shelter, leave messages for loved ones after ‘accidental’ missile alert (VIDEOS)

People in Hawaii and their friends and relatives across the US endured 38 minutes of horror after an “accidental” warning of an incoming missile sent them running for shelter, with many sending their goodbyes to loved ones. The emergency alert issued by Hawaii Civil Defense on Saturday sparked panic and confusion, both on the ground […]

This Student Recreated Netflix Posters In The Best Way To Support An Animal Shelter

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Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh could die due to a lack of food, water, and shelter

Thomson Reuters COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh (Reuters) – Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh could die due to a lack of food, shelter and water available for the huge numbers of them fleeing violence in Myanmar, an aid agency warned on Sunday. Nearly 410,000 members of the Rohingya Muslim minority fled from western Rakhine state to Bangladesh to […]