Strands of hair shed light on doomed 19th-century Arctic expedition

Enlarge (credit: John Wilson Carmichael) Lead poisoning may have made life difficult for the doomed men of John Franklin’s 1845 expedition, which got lost in the Arctic while in search of the Northwest Passage linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. But it probably didn’t contribute much to their inevitable fates. That’s the conclusion of a […]

My Strictly ambition? Learn to dance as I shed pounds!

The glamorous BBC journalist, 48, married former Royal Marine Mike Heron in 2010 and, after two children Clemency, six, and Wilbur, four, wants to squeeze back into her wedding dress. While other celebrities dream of lifting the glitter ball Kate revealed: “My only aim now is to learn how to dance and to get back […]

Weight loss diet plan: Do this breakfast and dinner rule to lose weight and shed belly fat

Weight loss is typically all about finding the right diet plan and sticking to it properly for a long period of time. However, the timing of your meals could be just as important, according to a new weight loss study. Scientists found that eating a later breakfast and an earlier dinner could be a way […]

Weight loss: Eat this cheap breakfast to shed pounds, reduce bloating and keep weight off

Weight loss success comes down to eating the best diet, filled with nutritious food. What dieters chose for breakfast can be the difference between losing pounds or struggling to drop fat. Numerous studies have shown porridge is one of the best choices to start the day for stable and steady weight loss. This is because […]

The Industrial Revolution could shed light on modern productivity

HOW much yarn per day could an 18th-century British woman spin? Such questions are catnip for economic historians, whose debates typically unfold unnoticed by anyone outside their field. But a running debate concerning the productivity of pre-industrial spinners, and related questions, is spilling beyond academia. Each probably produced between a quarter of a pound and […]

Weight loss: Swap toasted bagel at breakfast for EGG to shed pounds fast – and keep it off

Weight loss starts with what you eat for breakfast, and if you chose to tuck into a tasty bagel in the morning – but also struggle to keep off the pounds – you might benefit from swapping to eggs. Toast, cereal and even a Full English fry up are popular choices for breakfast across the […]

Weight loss: How eating cold potatoes could help you shed pounds FAST – proven diet tip

Weight loss diets and potatoes are often not heard in the same sentence. In fact, a high percentage of dieters ween themselves off carbohydrates entirely when trying to lose weight. But this can lead to snacking and weight gain in the end. In the name of eating a healthy, balanced diet and making lifestyle changes, […]

How to speed up weight loss: The easy hacks to shed pounds and belly fast FAST

Losing weight and getting a “summer body” is usually on the mind of many Britons. But with modern life, training regimes and diet plans can often fall off the radar, with weight-loss goals not being achieved. With summer here and in full swing, many Britons could be feeling disappointed that their ideal weight was not […]

Shed of the Year 2018: Owners making as much as £5,000 from their garden SHEDS

The annual Shed of the Year competition showcases the very best of garden sheds across the country, and this year’s competition is no exception. Cuprinol, who host the competition, have noticed a trend in entrants making money from their sheds. The impressive entries from around the UK showcase shed owners practising everything from beekeeping to […]

How to take apple cider vinegar for weight loss: Add it to this condiment to shed pounds

Apple cider vinegar has been proven to aid weight loss, help fight diabetes, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. When it comes to taking apple cider vinegar for weight loss, it’s recommended you take one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day to reap the full benefits. It also suggests […]