Superhero Bits: Thanos Has a Saxophone, Homer Simpson Throws Shade at DC & More

Is the Spider-Man video game a little too pro-police and pro-surveillance? Why is the organization Genital Autonomy of America upset with a new Batman comic? Did you know Thanos has a saxophone? What insult did Homer Simpson throw at DC on an episode with Gal Gadot? Will Spider-Man: Far From Home introduce a new suit? […]

Sunscreen May Not Have It Made in the Shade

Benjamin Green, an airman in the South Pacific during World War II, saw firsthand how tropical rays left soldiers with blistering sunburns. So he concocted a red gel thick enough to block the sun’s rays — red veterinary petrolatum, aka “red vet pet” — and distributed it to Army Air Corps members to slather on. […]

Superhero Bits: Teen Titans Go! Throws Shade at Green Lantern, Venom Rumors & More

What does Tom Hardy say about recent rumors regarding when the Venom suit appears in the movie? What jab does the Teen Titans Go! movie take at Green Lantern in a new TV spot? What are the first reactions to Batman Ninja from WonderCon? Want to know about a deleted scene between The Joker and […]

A greener shade of blue

Enlarge (credit: Mo Berger) Indigo plants have been used to dye fabric for thousands of years. Unlike other dyes, indigo does not end up chemically linked to textile fibers; rather, it adsorbs to the surface of the threads. This allows the fibers’ white cores to show through to various degrees after abrasion. Hence that impossible-to-replicate […]

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel threw shade at Facebook’s most sacred business rule (SNAP, FB)

Illustration adapted from Bruce Turner/Flickr Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel doesn’t appear to believe in Facebook’s famous motto of “move fast and break things.” The Snap CEO recently threw shade at Mark Zuckerberg’s early mantra, which has seeped out of the tech industry and into pop culture through TV shows like HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” “One of the things […]

People Think Perrie From Little Mix Changed A Lyric To Shade Gigi Hadid

Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later Looks like we are having a problem on the server. What do you think she said? votevotes Definitely “Hadid”. votevotes Definitely “I did”. votevotes I truly don’t care I’m only reading this because I’m on the toilet/in line at the bank/can’t sleep at 2am. Let’s block ads! […]

Top SpaceX employee throws shade at just about all of his competitors

Enlarge / On March 31 SpaceX made the world’s first reflight of an orbital class rocket. (credit: SpaceX) About 10 days ago, a founding employee of SpaceX, Tom Mueller, made a Skype call to a group of “fans” of the company with the New York University Astronomy Society. The call was recorded and posted to It garnered […]

Miley Cyrus Threw Shade At Ed Sheeran And John Mayer Using Only Four Words

5. YUP. When the interviewer asked Miley if her new album would be “singer-songwriter-y,” Miley threw all the shade. View this image › 11. But as for John — he actually defended her experimental Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petzalbum when people were criticizing it. View this image › 12. And she seemed to appreciate […]