The company behind one of the biggest video games in the world was just slammed with a lawsuit alleging its ‘bro-culture’ created a sexist workplace where women were rated on their ‘hotness,’ told that ‘no doesn’t necessarily mean no,’ and shown unsolicited photos of male genitalia

Riot Games The “League of Legends” developer Riot Games is facing a class-action lawsuit claiming the company harbored a sexist work environment with women suffering from unequal pay and regular harassment. Reports detailing the company’s “bro culture” surfaced in August, leading Riot to issue an apology to current and past employees. The two women who […]

Barking mad: IKEA faces online backlash over ‘sexist’ Facebook post ‘comparing’ women to pet dogs

IKEA’s Russian branch has got itself in hot water over a Facebook ad that some users saw as comparing women to dogs and purveying sexist stereotypes. The company deleted the post and apologized after the outcry. The controversial post featured a Jack Russell terrier dog sitting at a table in in front of a serving […]

‘Supergirl’ star Mehcad Brooks says that being on the show made him realize that he was sexist

Manny Roman “Supergirl” actor Mehcad Brooks opened up to INSIDER about how playing James Olsen on The CW show has made him “a more complete, inclusive, and better person.” The 37-year-old elaborated and said that specifically during season one, he realized “that I was sexist and that every man in America likely is sexist because we have […]

It’s International Women’s Day… so let's not forget how sexist Westminster actually is (VIDEOS)

Boris Johnson has donned a shirt to show off just how feminist he is. Interesting, considering he once said voting Tory means your wife will get bigger boobs. Unsurprisingly, he’s not the only MP with a shocking record for sexism. Only a few months ago, Westminster was rocked by a sex scandal so great that […]

Holly Willoughby shuts down ‘sexist’ guest in best possible way – see how she did it HERE

The debate came after China introduced pink parking spaces decorated with giant black heels made especially for women, and are 50 per cent larger than traditional bays.  Rae Martin appeared on This Morning where she couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about the move.  “Cars have just got a lot bigger,” she said. “I’m just rubbish.” […]

‘Would you prefer pet or love?’ Virgin Trains apologizes for ‘sexist’ reply to customer complaint

Virgin Trains has apologized “unreservedly” for replying to a sexism complaint with even more sexism. The rail company mocked a woman on Twitter after she complained about being called “honey” by a member of staff. Passenger Emily Cole tweeted: “When Virgin Trains mess up and the older male train manager in the resulting conversation dismisses […]

14 Female Cosplayers Talk About The Most Sexist Things They've Had Said To Them

Earlier this month, BuzzFeed Brazil went to CCXP — Brazil’s version of Comic-Con — where fans of comics, TV series, gaming, and fantasy novels gathered in São Paulo to hang out and cosplay, of course. We asked women who dressed up as their favorite characters about the most sexist reactions people had to their costume, […]

Star Wars 8 Last Jedi: Daisy Ridley slams ‘sexist’ criticism of Rey

Back after The Force Awakens was released, a handful of fans used the term to describe her; meaning a female character for whom things come easily. Speaking in an interview shared by YouTube account Jar Jar Abrams, she said: “I don’t buy the Mary Sue thing anyway. I find the term sexist in itself because […]

MAPPED: UK’s most sexist city – is YOUR area the worst place to be a woman?

Sexism is based on many factors, but one of the simplest metrics to follow is the gender pay gap. And now research by job search-engine Adzuna has revealed the cities in the UK with the largest divide in earnings between the sexes. The study, conducted in October 2017, analysed over 155,000 CVs of recent jobseekers […]