Severn Bridge toll SCRAPPED: Commuters to save £1,400 a year as bridge becomes free to use

Commuters across the country could make hefty savings as the Severn crossing bridge toll charge gets scrapped. The daily £5.60 charge will be scrapped from December this year, a week before Christmas. Tolls have been in force on the Severn Bridge since it was introduced in 1966. Regular commuters could make savings of up to […]

Severn Bridge tolls: Theresa May pledges to SCRAP crossing charge

The move will mean motorists making around 25 million journeys using the Severn Crossings every year will no longer be hit by fees of up to £20. Conservatives expect the change to boost the local economy by around £100 million annually. The Prime Minister said abolishing the tolls would drive growth on both sides of […]