Jeff Sessions just announced a massive shift in asylum protections for victims of gang and domestic violence

Joshua Roberts/Reuters Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday announced broad new restrictions on who can qualify asylum in the United States that effectively blocks most victims of gang or domestic violence.  “Generally, claims by aliens pertaining to domestic violence or gang violence perpetrated by non-governmental actors will not qualify for asylum,” Sessions said in his […]

Trump said he’s likely to sign a bill protecting states with legalized marijuana, directly opposing Jeff Sessions

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren Sen. Cory Gardner and Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced bipartisan legislation to protect state-legalized marijuana. Trump on Friday said he would likely support the bill. The move would protect legally-operating marijuana business from federal interference. President Donald Trump said Friday that he will likely support a bipartisan bill in the Senate that would […]

Jeff Sessions takes aim at first-time border crossers and calls for ramping up criminal prosecutions

Alex Wong/Getty Images Attorney General Jeff Sessions ramped up calls to criminally prosecute immigrants who cross illegally into the US. Sessions said he was ordering U.S. attorneys offices near the Southwest border to prioritize bringing cases against first-time offenders. On Friday, Trump signed a memorandum ordering the end of the policy known as “catch and […]

Sessions in the limelight, Trump’s legal troubles, and a Russian oligarch in New Jersey — what you may have missed in the Mueller probe this week

Spencer Platt/Getty Images President Donald Trump’s legal woes continued this week as a handful of prominent attorneys rejected offers to represent him amid special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Ted Olson, who served as President George W. Bush’s solicitor general, explained his reasoning for declining Trump’s offer during an interview Monday on MSNBC.See the rest […]

Sessions names federal prosecutor for FBI & DOJ probe, but no special counsel

A federal prosecutor is backing the internal probe of the FBI and the Department of Justice and there is no need for special counsel, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a response to Congress and President Donald Trump. In a letter to leaders of the House and Senate judiciary and oversight committees on Thursday, Sessions […]

Andrew McCabe reportedly oversaw a criminal investigation into Jeff Sessions nearly a year before Sessions fired him

Alex Wong/Getty Images Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe reportedly oversaw a criminal investigation last year into whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions “lacked candor” when testifying before Congress during his confirmation hearing in January 2017. One source told ABC News Sessions was not aware of the investigation, which has since been closed, when he fired […]

3 people have reportedly contradicted Jeff Sessions’ claim that he opposed a Trump-Russia meeting during the campaign

Sign up for the latest Russia investigation updates here. Thomson Reuters Attorney General Jeff Sessions might have lied in a key portion of his sworn testimony before Congress, a Reuters investigation found. Sessions said last year that he had pushed back against a proposal for the President Donald Trump campaign to meet with Russian officials. But […]

US Attorney General Sessions fires ex-FBI deputy director McCabe

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions says has fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, effective immediately. The abrupt termination could cost McCabe, who is accused of mishandling Hillary Clinton’s email probe, much of his pension. The termination was recommended by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility. It comes after a still-classified report from the Department of […]