Democratic National Committee serves Wikileaks a summons on Twitter

You’ll have to be creative to serve a secretive online organization like Wikileaks whose founder is hiding out in a foreign embassy. It definitely became an issue for the Democratic National Committee, which filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the group for the role it played in the 2016 cyberattack that targeted the political party. […]

White Castle serves up plant-based meat with the Impossible Slider

Now that the Impossible Burger is easier to find thanks to an increased production capacity, it’s likely we’ll see it at more fast-food places than ever. That’s a good thing for both its parent company as well as those of us who could stand to eat a little less red meat. Popular fast-food joint White […]

‘Borg vs. McEnroe’ Trailer: Shia LaBeouf Serves Up an Ace Performance as a Volatile Tennis Star

Shia LaBeouf slowly makes his Hollywood comeback with what promises to be another tour-de-force performance. In the sports drama Borg vs. McEnroe, LaBeouf plays the real-life tennis player John McEnroe, known for his fiery temperament and court-side outbursts. He stars opposite Swedish star Sverrir Gudnason, who plays McEnroe’s most famous rival, Björn Borg. Borg vs McEnroe Trailer It was […]

85% of Americans unhappy with Congress, most think it serves lobbyists, not the people

The overwhelming majority of Americans, irrespective of party allegiance, holds a dismal opinion of Congress, a fresh poll shows. It found 89 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans disapprove of the legislature’s work. The new poll, published by the Associated Press-NORC Center on Monday, revealed that a total of 85 percent of Americans […]

Now even YouTube serves ads with CPU-draining cryptocurrency miners

Enlarge (credit: Diego Betto) YouTube was recently caught displaying ads that covertly leach off visitors’ CPUs and electricity to generate digital currency on behalf of anonymous attackers, it was widely reported. Word of the abusive ads started no later than Tuesday, as people took to social media sites to complain their antivirus programs were detecting […]

‘5* restaurants aren’t my style’: World Cup winner Podolski serves kebabs in new shop (VIDEO)

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 18:52 An estimated 1,000 fans stood in a five-hour queue outside the new kebab shop in Cologne opened by hometown hero, former Bayern Munich and Arsenal footballer Lukas Podolski. ‘Prinz Poldi,’ dressed in a hoodie, personally served customers, slicing chunks of meat from massive slabs of chicken and lamb and […]

Toronto’s thriving AI ecosystem serves as a model for the world

GUEST: While you were looking the other way, Toronto humbly produced some of the globe’s top artificial intelligence and deep learning experts, companies, and innovations. Now is the time for the city to stand up tall and loudly proclaim what local folks already know: Toronto is at the center of AI innovation and its real-world […]