‘You’re a parent, don’t you have any empathy?’: Reporters blast Sarah Huckabee Sanders over Trump tactic of separating migrant families at border

Associated Press/Jacquelyn Martin White House reporters interrogated press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday over the Trump administration’s family separation tactic. One reporter asked Sanders whether she had any “empathy” as a parent of young children toward the families being split up by Border Patrol agents. Sanders argued that the Trump administration has merely been […]

Demystifying GDPR: Separating fact from fiction

GUEST: GDPR has a serious PR problem. From the dominating narrative surrounding this impending law, you would think it’s ominously looming over organizations across the globe like the sinister, tentacled black cloud monster that terrorizes the kids from “Stranger Things.” It is true that no one really knows exactly what is going to happen once […]

Instagram is reportedly separating Direct messages into its own separate, Snapchat-like app (FB)

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Instagram is launching Direct, a standalone, messaging-focused app. The service essentially takes the main Instagram app’s messaging features and packs them into a separate experience, which will seamlessly communicate with the main, feed-oriented app. Direct is now in testing in just a few countries, and it’s unclear if and when it will […]

Heartbreak hotel: Separating couples can visit HERE and then divorce

The idea of the scheme is to allow partners to vent their arguments and views in neutral territory without racking up hefty lawyer fees. Couples will check in to a hotel and stay in separate rooms while they settle their affairs and seal their divorce, then officially split three months later. The single catch is […]