Defying Republicans, Senate Democrats schedule vote to save net neutrality

The US Senate is scheduled to vote Wednesday, May 16 on whether to reverse the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality rules. Republican senators were hoping to avoid the vote, but Democrats are using a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to force the full Senate to vote. The CRA resolution would nullify the FCC’s […]

More AI, policing content & other revelations from Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent five hours testifying to the Senate, defending the social network from charges of aiding ‘Russian meddling’ and even revealing a few trade secrets in the process. The marathon session on Tuesday involved members of the Senate Judiciary and the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation committees. While the internet trolled Zuckerberg […]

Senate moves toward passage of $1.3 trillion government funding bill

Alex Wong/Getty Images A $ 1.3 trillion bill to fund the U.S. government through Sept. 30 advanced in the U.S. Senate early on Friday, setting up an imminent vote on passage before the measure would go to President Donald Trump for signing into law. By a vote of 67-30, the Senate approved a procedural motion […]

US support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen will reduce civilian casualties, Mattis tells Senate

US Defense Secretary James Mattis has defended US military support to the Saudi-led coalition that is waging war in Yemen. He argued it helps to limit the civilian death toll and bring the conflict to a “negotiated” end. “We need to get this [war in Yemen] to a negotiated settlement, and we believe our policy […]

Heidi Heitkamp Takes On Elizabeth Warren Over the Senate Banking Bill

Don’t expect Heidi Heitkamp and Elizabeth Warren to be campaigning together anytime soon. For the past week, Warren has been telling anyone who will listen that one-third of her fellow Democrats in the Senate are caving to Wall Street and bank lobbyists by joining Republicans in legislation to roll back a part of the 2010 […]

The Senate still hasn’t confirmed a crucial ambassador position — and Trump is starting to get angry

Win McNamee/Getty Images The nominee to serve as US ambassador to Germany has been stalled for several months. Democrats have been stalling moving forward, though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could force a vote. The ambassadorship’s vacancy is making things “more dangerous” for the United States, according to Republicans. WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s nominee […]

Democrats submit plan to save net neutrality, still one vote short in Senate

Enlarge / Democrats vs. Republicans. (credit: Getty Images | Linda Braucht) Congressional Democrats today introduced legislation that would prevent the repeal of neutrality rules, but they still need more support from Republicans in order to pass the measure. Democrats have been promising to introduce a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution ever since the Federal Communications […]

Senate Republicans obtained Susan Rice’s email 8 months before they sent her a letter about it

Lauren Victoria Burke/AP Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley obtained a copy of former National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s email memorializing a January 2017 meeting on June 16, 2017. But Grassley and committee member Lindsey Graham didn’t raise questions about the email, which they described as “unusual” and “disturbing,” until February 8, 2018. It’s unclear […]