Amesbury poisoning is a terrorist attack, secondary contamination impossible – expert to RT

The poisoning of a UK couple in Amesbury was a terrorist act, a chemical weapons expert told RT. The victims couldn’t have been affected by the toxin from the Skripal attack in March, as Novichok can’t remain stable that long. Former UN inspector in Iraq Anton Utkin said he “wasn’t at all surprised” by the […]

Turkey launches probe into ‘veiling party’ at secondary school

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 22:25 An inquiry has been launched against the management of a school in Turkey after revelations that a local teacher made girls wear headscarves. Photos of pupils attending ‘parties’ that promoted veiling emerged on social media. Turkey’s education directorate in the south eastern Sanliurfa province launched the investigation into a […]

A British firm plans a secondary market for crowd-funded shares

EVERYONE would like a piece of the next Google or Facebook. But the big venture-capital (VC) firms do not usually raise money from small investors. And some entrepreneurs complain that it is hard to get noticed by the hotshots in the VC industry. Hence the enthusiasm for crowd-funding, where small investors can buy a stake […]