The US Navy ship that got walloped by rough seas on the way to NATO’s biggest exercise in years is coming home

US Navy/Mass Comm. Specialist 3rd Class Colbey Livingston The amphibious dock landing ship Gunston Hall began making its way back to Virginia this week after heavy seas caused damage last month that forced it to miss NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise in Europe. The crew reported battered landing craft and well deck barriers after encountering rough […]

It looks like the Chinese Navy has a new bomber, and its arsenal of anti-ship missiles could raise the stakes in contested seas

REUTERS/China Daily Satellite images from September 7 suggest that the Chinese Navy has acquired a new strategic bomber, increasing the amount of power China could bring to a potential conflict. The new planes, presumably Xian H-6J bombers, would presumably replace the older H-6G maritime striker bombers, as the new aircraft are thought to carry additional […]

This ocean current has huge effects on the world’s seas, and scientists are enduring blistering cold to figure it out

Chris Kreymborg The North Icelandic Jet is a ribbon of cold water deep below the surface of the North Atlantic and is a key part of the global ocean circulatory system. If conditions get extreme enough to slow down or potentially halt the global circulation caused by the North Icelandic Jet, there could be some incredible […]

Australia is sending aircraft to monitor North Korean sanction breaches in the open seas

CPL Craig Barrett/ Department of Defence, Commonwealth of Australia Australia will be sending a surveillance aircraft to monitor potential sanction breaches by North Korea. Sanctions currently prohibit North Korea from importing or exporting particular goods in an attempt to limit cash flow and resources into the country’s nuclear weapons program. But North Korea has undertaken […]

Cultist Simulator is how Sunless Sea’s creators play with cards and reality

Weather Factory’s Cultist Simulator has a straightforward name, but the game itself isn’t so easily defined. It’s interactive fiction that trades in digital cards. It’s filled with intricate text describing otherworldly events, but players are urged to make quick decisions by ticking clocks. It’s a roguelike, where dea…Read More

Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas to launch as the largest cruise ship in the world

Royal Caribbean have welcomed the Symphony of the Seas cruise ship to their fleet just days before it’s maiden voyage. It is the largest cruise ship in the world, over 238 feet tall and 1,118 feet long – just 20 metres shorter than the Empire State Building. Holding up to 5,518 guests onboard at one […]

Wage Fleet Warfare On Open Waters In Futuristic Naval RTS Ardent Seas

The RTS has waged war in all manner of battlefields, from conflicts throughout history to the void of space, but the upcoming Ardent Seas places its battles instead on the rough surface of an alien ocean, pitting destroyers and the rest of your fleets against an extraterrestrial threat. Upon these oceans, you construct fleets of […]

Sneak preview of world’s biggest cruise ship Symphony of the Seas

And for this Saturday only Royal Caribbean has brought the ship’s experiences to London with a pop-up Symphony of the Senses version that’s open to the public. A limited number of walk-up free tickets are available from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, February 3 for the interactive theatrical cruise experience. “Passengers” will be whisked away […]

The UN is seriously considering an international treaty that would limit fishing to protect the high seas

REUTERS/Climate change/Handout UN member states will start formal talks that are expected to deliver a treaty for the protection of the high seas in 2020.  At least 141 of the 193 members will participate.  The treaty would set conservation areas and dictate fishing and catch quotas.  After more than a decade of discussion in the […]