Altered Carbon somehow nails the sci-fi book-to-TV landing on Netflix

Enlarge (credit: Netflix) Fans of the dystopian-noir novel Altered Carbon surely had to wonder what form it would take when turned into a TV series. Or, to borrow the 2002 book’s lingo, what “sleeve” the show would slip into. The result, whose entire first TV season debuted last week on Netflix, is a pretty surprising […]

‘Annihilation’ Early Buzz: Alex Garland Has Made a “Dazzling,” “Provocative” Sci-Fi Classic

Annihilation promises to be a cerebral science-fiction tale that could rival the acclaim of last year’s Blade Runner 2049 or even 2016’s Oscar-nominated Arrival. But why — with merely three weeks until the star-studded movie’s release — have we heard so little about it? Alex Garland‘s adaptation of the best-selling Jeff VanderMeer novel has been shrouded in […]

‘Demimonde’ Brings J.J. Abrams Back to HBO for a New Sci-Fi Drama Series

Whenever J.J. Abrams is behind a new sci-fi series, audiences pay attention. That’s mostly because of his involvement in the ABC series LOST, but more recently, Abrams also turned heads with the series adaptation of Michael Crichton’s 1973 film Westworld, which became a hit for HBO. Now, he’s be returning to the cable network with another intriguing new […]

Altered what? Netflix already has a great sci-fi series—Hulu does, too

Netflix I don’t know what to expect of Netflix’s Altered Carbon, a series based on the 2002 cyberpunk novel that’s released tomorrow. But I do know that there are already at least two great streaming sci-fi series on Netflix and Hulu. And these stories are built around the greatest science fiction concept of all: time […]

Altered Carbon Review: Sci-Fi Drama Is Visually Stunning, Unevenly Paced

When technology advances to the point that death is more a minor inconvenience and less a consciousness-ending blow, humans will have the theoretical ability to live forever. But Altered Carbon, Netflix’s optically impressive yet frustratingly off-balance new drama, makes a convincing argument that we probably shouldn’t. The sci-fi series, which begins streaming its entire first season […]

Realizing you can’t have enough JK Simmons, new sci-fi spy series doubles him

Enlarge / Counterpart is ready to give you all the JK Simmons you can handle. (credit: Starz) Warning: The following preview outlines general details for the premise of Counterpart, a new Starz sci-fi series debuting this weekend. The “actor as multiple roles” genre has been done in a seemingly infinite amount of ways as of […]

Might and Magic: Heroes studio goes from general to foot solider with sci-fi survival game

The survival genre is getting another entry, and this time its from the developer of the Might and Magic: Heroes series and Tropico 6. Limbic Entertainment announced Memories of Mars today. This new adventure will have players taking on the role of a clone who must craft dwellings and scavenge for resources on a Mars […]

J.J. Abrams Developing His First Sci-Fi TV Series Since ‘Fringe’

J.J. Abrams‘ name may be inextricable from the Star Wars franchise now, but it was in TV where the writer/director first found major success. And now, seven years after he last created a TV series, Abrams is making a long-awaited return to the small screen. But don’t worry, Star Wars fans. As famous as Abrams is for spearheading wildly […]

Apple Orders New Sci-Fi Series ‘See’, From ‘I Am Legend’ Director Francis Lawrence

Apple is slowly but surely building up a nice little library of television shows. Now the company has added one more to its roster: a series called See, which is written by Eastern Promises and Taboo writer Steven Knight and will be directed by Francis Lawrence, the filmmaker behind I Am Legend and the Hunger Games sequels. Read more about […]