'I can't watch it before I go to bed' Face of fraud advert that’s scaring us stiff

The online response suggests people are now scared stiff. Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph said: “She scares me every time she’s on.” Twitter user John Matthews added: “Tell me about it. I can’t watch it at night before I go bed.” Another user, Allison Morris, added: “She looks like she’s had three ex-husbands who all […]

‘Haunters: The Art of the Scare’ Trailer: An Inside Look at the ‘Scaring the Crap Out of People’ Industry

Sometimes, you see a trailer for a movie and can’t help but wonder if it was made specifically for you. The trailer for Haunters: The Art of the Scare, a feature-length documentary about the world of professional haunted houses and the people who run them, feels like someone decided to make a movie for me […]

Big stock market shocks aren’t scaring investors anymore

Reuters/Andrew Burton Big stock market shocks don’t scare investors anymore. In fact, swift declines are welcomed with open arms. Traders have been taking advantage of share weakness to “buy the dip,” or expand positions by purchasing shares at a discount. And that’s helped the equity market recover from short-term selloffs faster than ever before. The dynamic was on […]

Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Policies Are Scaring Eligible Families Away From the Safety Net

NEW YORK CITY—As the evening rush hour peaked, Blanca Palomeque stationed herself by the carts selling roasted corn, tamales, and ice cream at the exit to the 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue subway stop in Queens. She spotted a woman pushing a baby in a pink stroller and tugging along two school-aged girls with pigtails. “Excuse me, […]