10 of the biggest off-camera scandals in ‘Bachelor’ history

ABC “The Bachelor” is in its 23rd season. “The Bachelor” franchise has had its share of dramatic moments, both on- and off-screen. While reality TV shows like to capture the drama on-camera, these scandals happened off the air. “The Bachelor” has had tons of dramatic on-screen moments, from breakups that viewers didn’t see coming to […]

Macron’s spin director to quit amid scandals and growing Yellow Vest anger

Emmanuel Macron’s communications director, who shaped his message the campaign, has resigned. It is yet another high-profile departure as the president’s rating are down after several scandals and nationwide protests. Citing personal reasons for the resignation, Sylvain Fort said on Thursday that he would leave the job at the end of January, telling France Info […]

Mark Zuckerberg humiliated by international lawmakers for failing to give evidence on Facebook scandals

Gabriel Sainhas, House of Commons Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was humiliated by a group of international lawmakers for failing to give evidence on Facebook scandals. The International Grand Committee convened in the UK on Tuesday, with politicians from nine different countries coming together with the ambition of grilling Zuckerberg. After repeated requests to give evidence, […]

KPMG is caught up in scandals but its woes are not existential

AUDITORS are often accused of being too lenient on the companies they scrutinise. After all, those companies pay the bills. The four that dominate the market—Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC—also offer lucrative services like consulting and tax advice. Concerns have long swirled that conflicts of interest risk deterring auditors from challenging dodgy accounting. Recent controversies […]

Royal Family scandals: The biggest scandals in British royal family history revealed

The British Royal Family has had its fair share of drama, most recently with the addition of Meghan Markle to the family. While the Duchess of Sussex has fitted in seamlessly, her transition hasn’t been without its problems, with her father Thomas Markle and estranged half-siblings regularly speaking out against Meghan and the Royals. But […]

Scott Pruitt ties himself to Trump and lashes out at critics amid growing scandals

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters EPA administrator Scott Pruitt pushed back against criticism that he won a short-term sweetheart rental deal from a lobbyist friend. Pruitt claimed it was an attempt by his and the president’s attackers to “resort to anything” to stop their agenda. Pruitt said he was “dumbfounded” that his living situation was “controversial.”   EPA […]

The 17 biggest tech scandals of 2017

Thomson Reuters 2017 has been a reckoning of sorts. Years of sexual misconduct in the tech industry (and elsewhere) were brought to light this year. Tech giants like Facebook and Google had to answer questions about their roles in swaying the 2016 election.  Apple finally owned up to intentionally slowing down old iPhones. Even YouTube […]

The company that brought hot yoga to the US files for bankruptcy after founder’s sexual harassment scandals cost millions

Mario Tama/Getty Images Bikram Choudhury Yoga filed for bankruptcy.  Founder Bikram Choudhury was ordered to pay millions of dollars to former employees in lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and misconduct.  The yoga studio was a major force in bringing hot yoga to the US.    The yoga studio that brought hot yoga to the US has filed […]

Paul Manafort was also involved in one of France’s biggest political scandals

Paul Manafort was in the middle of the Karachi Affair — a scandal involving shady diplomacy, campaign corruption, and possibly a deadly terrorist attack. The shady scheme apparently didn’t raise any red flags for Manafort at the time, just as the consultant’s background didn’t raise any red flags for Donald Trump last year. Former Trump […]