Trump holds boisterous Saturday night rally in ‘110-degree’ hot high school in Ohio

REUTERS/Leah Millis President Donald Trump held a campaign-style rally in Ohio on Saturday night. He was there supporting the Republican he endorsed for a special election to fill a House seat on Tuesday. Trump revived many of his famous tropes from the 2016 campaign, and the crowd loved it. In the lively style typical of […]

The US Army’s ‘Street Fighter V’ tournament starts Saturday

The US Army is getting in on the esports craze too, but the game isn’t one you might expect. Instead of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Rainbow Six Siege, the military is hosting a tournament for Street Fighter V. The competition will be broadcast on Twitch starting tomorrow from Fort Bliss. The winner from each garrison (tournaments […]

Smiley Saturday! Today is the happiest day of the year

And it’s all down to a combination of good weather, long daylight hours and the start of the holidays. And for tennis fans there is the added bonus of watching Serena Williams in today’s Wimbledon women’s final when she will face Germany’s Angelique Kerber. Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall has created a simple formula that shows […]

IT'S COMING HOME! England set for World Cup quarter-final on SATURDAY after Colombia win

The Three Lions won their first ever World Cup penalty shoot-out to stun Colombia, setting up a quarter-final clash with Sweden. Everton No 1 Jordan Pickford, who has been criticised for his performances at the World Cup, saved Carlos Bacca’s penalty before Eric Dier netted the winner. The Tottenham star stepped up with the shoot-out […]

Saturday Kitchen: BBC host Matt Tebbutt sparks giggles over SAUCY Friday night confession

The 44-year-old BBC presenter was joined in the kitchen by chef Ching-He Huang who set about showing viewers her recipe for Macanese minchi. Before the pair got stuck into preparing the dish, however, Matt greeted the British Chinese chef, who was dressed in a pretty cerulean day dress. “I’m a bit worried you’re going to […]

Was the UK and Ireland were ever joined to the European land mass? – The Saturday Briefing

GETTY STOCK UK and Ireland and European land mass A –  By looking at the rate of continental drift we think until about 250-300 million years ago the land on Earth was one great continent which has been called Pangaea. Then it began splitting up, eventually forming the continents we know today. Ireland has slowly […]

Amy Schumer Celebrates Mothers on ‘Saturday Night Live’ But Melissa McCarthy Steals the Show

Thought not quite as celebrated as the Christmas episode, Saturday Night Live always does something special for Mother’s Day. This time they pulled out pull the stops for the cold open, opting to avoid all of the typical political satire (kind of) and deliver a heartwarming tribute to the cast members’ mothers. In fact, the […]

Donald Glover Sings, Stalks, Plays Lando & Defends ‘Jurassic World’ on a Stellar ‘Saturday Night Live’

This weekend brought Donald Glover to Saturday Night Live to make his debut as both host and musical guest (under his Childish Gambino hip-hop moniker). Glover is no stranger to NBC having starred in Community and written for 30 Rock, but he also auditioned for SNL a couple times. And when you see how well […]

What IS method acting? — THE SATURDAY BRIEFING

GETTY / ALAMY STOCK Sir Laurence Olivier ribbed Dustin Hoffman over method acting Q. CAN you explain the difference between normal acting and the method school of acting? Edmund Perks, Ivybridge, Devon A: METHOD acting covers a range of techniques first introduced by the Russian actor/director Konstantin Stanislavski in the 1920s which emphasised the art […]