A cult craft brewer says its ‘beer for girls’ is satire — but women are slamming the company for the ‘lazy stunt’

BrewDog BrewDog released a “beer for girls” called Pink IPA, intended to satirize the beer industry.  However, many women saw the beer as part of the problem.  One Twitter user responded: I’m “so tired of brands doing lazy stunts in the name of equality & then when it falls flat trotting out the old ‘oh […]

Trusted fact-checker? Politifact duped by Bergdahl satire piece, tediously explains why it’s fake

One of the top fact-checking websites, tasked with combatting the spread of fake news by the paragons of Silicon Valley virtue, Google and Facebook, has knowingly fact-checked a satirical website. In either a gross misuse of time and resources, a lame attempt at some kind of meta-satire or some truly cynical and condescending journalism, the […]

Flavorwire Interview: ‘The Square’ Director Ruben Östlund on Art, Satire, and Provocation

With his latest film The Square, Ruben Östlund continues his interest in the questions of human psychology and group behavior through the lens of a masculine figure, and again the crisis of masculinity is at the center of the story. Ostlund’s works portray men who are not always capable of comprehending what’s happening around them, […]

‘Downsizing’ Review: Matt Damon Shrinks Himself in Alexander Payne’s Sci-fi Satire [TIFF]

Alexander Payne built a reputation as one of the sharpest wits and most brutal ironists in independent cinema, even to the point where the internet conversation around his last film even encompassed the question of whether he was mean to his characters – as if they were people. For his biggest, most expensive undertaking, he […]

‘Bodied’ Trailer: Eminem Produced This Rap Battle Satire Heading to TIFF

This sounds like a big year for Eminem. Not only does the rapper have a new album that might hit shelves before the end of the year, but he produced an outstanding new HBO documentary series called The Defiant Ones that looked at the careers of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Irvine, which paved the way […]

‘American Vandal’ Trailer: Netflix Mocks Its Own True Crime Docs With a Satire About Penis Drawings

With Making a Murderer, Amanda Knox, and The Keepers, Netflix has fully embraced the true crime documentary format in a big way, and those projects generated significant buzz surrounding the streaming service. At first glance, their new docu-series American Vandal looks like another project that fits alongside the aforementioned docs, but it wasn’t long before I realized this […]

New Netflix film Okja is sci-fi satire so sharp it will cut you

Netflix The science fiction fairy tale Okja begins with a press conference so insane that it’s actually believable. In the near future, the Mirando corporation is trying to boost its stock prices by announcing a new project: superpigs, giant food animals whose poop is environmentally friendly. They’ll feed the world without polluting it! That’s when […]

‘Force Majeure’ Director Ruben Östlund Details His Next Satire, Which Apparently Takes Its Name From a Botox Term

Ruben Östlund’s satire, Force Majeure, took on the world of bourgeois familial/gender norms, as heightened by the altitude of a disastrous ski trip. His next film — The Square, which we have yet to see, but which won the Palme D’Or this year at Cannes — took on the aristocratic art world. Now he’s announced his follow up […]

Gizmodo White House Cites Satire Story to Support Trump’s Nightmare Budget [Update] | The Slot Sean

Gizmodo White House Cites Satire Story to Support Trump’s Nightmare Budget [Update] | The Slot Sean Spicer Gets Dumped | Deadspin There Were Only Two FCC Viewer Complaints About The Super Bowl, But Hoo Boy This First One | The Root ‘N—gers Don’t Belong in My Neighborhood’: NYC Chiropractor Charged With Making Racist Threats Against Child, Cop | Kotaku

Get Out is the rare movie that perfectly blends horror and satire

Universal It’s the perfect setup for a horror movie: there’s a lonely house in the woods and a weird ritual that our naive protagonist Chris (Black Mirror‘s Daniel Kaluuya) doesn’t understand until it’s too late. Except the “woods” are a bucolic suburb and the weird ritual is meeting his girlfriend Rose’s family for the first […]