Colliding stars or alien solar sails? Detection rate of mysterious space signals doubles

The detection of incredibly powerful signals from deep in space has increased dramatically and the mysterious radio waves are now closer and brighter than ever before. The phenomena, known as ‘fast radio bursts’, have puzzled scientists since their discovery more than a decade ago and now Australian researchers have announced, in a study published in […]

Britain's Got Talent viewers OUTRAGED as robot sails through to semi-finals: 'NOT funny!'

Viewers saw the robot sing along to Take On Me earlier on in the series, but they weren’t expecting him to be in the running to perform at this year’s Royal Variety Performance, as the finalists were announced at the end of last night’s episode. The likes of The Missing People’s Choir and eight-year-old magician […]

MasterChef UK viewers FUMING as contestant sails through after serving raw pastry

It had been a tough week for Imran as he was given a particularly challenging dish in the professional kitchen which saw him try to create the perfect spiral for his carrot and ginger purée.  As he battled through the service, fans were quick to joke about how all he seemed to be doing was […]

Iceberg Alley: Canada’s enormous NEW tourist attraction sails into Newfoundland

Canada’s most easterly province is home to some impressive frosty sights.  Newfoundland boasts Iceberg Alley, a spectacular viewing point for 10,000-year-old glacial giants that drift in through spring.  The town of Ferryland has just welcomed a sizeable tourist attraction in the form of a mammoth iceberg.  Larger in size than the one that sank the […]

Fight For Flat Sea Supremacy In Multiplayer Ship Battling Game Torn Sails

The Earth is flat, and you’re not tolerating any other boats sailing about your high seas in Torn Sails, a multiplayer ship battling game where you can knock your foes out with cannonballs or just plain shove them off the edge of the world. You get a choice of ten different weapons to fight other […]

Final Rolls-Royce Phantom Sails into the Velvet Blue Yonder

– The seventh-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom has sailed off into history. After a life that has spanned the entire length of LeBron James’s NBA career and seen newborn babies age into their teenage years, the ultimate Rolls-Royce limo is finally ready for retirement. The craftsmen in Goodwood gave the final Phantom a nautical theme, which is only appropriate for a vehicle that the […]