Hot dog sacrifice makes Aussie WWE star

TONI STORM’S mother sold hot dogs at wrestling shows in order to secure her daughter’s in-ring education. But the New Zealand-born Aussie rewarded her mum’s hard work by capturing WWE glory on female wrestling’s most historic evening. Storm, 23, pinned Io Shirai in the final of the Mae Young Classic at the Nassau Coliseum. In […]

Global Survey Reveals Who We’d Prefer to Sacrifice on the Bumper of a Self-driving Car

In 2014, as publications and automakers began making greater noise about autonomous vehicles, researchers at MIT’s Media Lab issued some questions to the public. The institute’s Moral Machines experiment offered up a series of scenarios in which a self-driving car that has lost its brakes has to hit one of two targets, then asked the respondents which […]

Texas massacre: Police discover ‘ritual animal sacrifice,’ at least 11 arrested

Texas authorities have busted what appears to be a ritual animal sacrifice at a San Antonio residence. At least 11 people were arrested on animal cruelty charges. Bexar County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched around 7pm to the 11400 block of Bronze Sand Road after neighbors called in to report animals being slaughtered with knives. After […]

Sacrifice theory gets probe by investigators of Romanov family killing

Investigators plan to conduct “psychological and historical analysis” to verify a theory that the killing of last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family in 1918 was a sacrifice made by the Bolsheviks in a bid for global domination. “Investigators plan to undertake psychological and historical analysis to establish if the shooting of the Russian […]

Saudi Arabia is making a risky market share sacrifice

AP/Hasan Jamali Saudi Arabia has been constricting exports to the United States and several Asian countries. The US is experiencing a trade surplus with Saudi Arabia for the first time since 1998. Saudi Arabia could be squeezed out of North American market share.   The 600,000 barrels per day Port Arthur refinery has exclusively processed […]

‘The Babysitter’ Trailer Attempts To Make Human Sacrifice A Laugh Riot

Hey, remember McG? The director of Charlie’s Angels, Terminator: Salvation and other movies that really don’t hold up well, if they ever held up at all? Well he’s back, and now he’s working within the freeing world of Netflix! His latest film, the horror comedy The Babysitter, will hit Netflix this month, and you can catch your first […]

AMD users: It’s safe to play Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice now

Hellblade is one of the sleeper hits of 2017. It’s a psychological action-thriller that explores the mental health of its hero, but PC players who use AMD graphics cards were having issues enjoying Hellblade. In the later stages, players with these GPUs were seeing severe performance hits that made the game choppy and unplayable for […]

Prince Harry made THIS huge sacrifice for Kate Middleton – what will Meghan Markle say?

Prince Harry, 32, has whisked his girlfriend Meghan Markle, 36, to Africa on a romantic week away in Africa in celebration of her birthday – last Friday.  The relationship is heating up although the pair, who began dating a year ago, are extremely private and rarely pictured together.  But even if an engagement is on […]