‘We are at war with water and time’: Officials are rushing to rescue kids trapped in a Thailand cave before rain hits

Royal Thai Navy via Associated Press Thai officials said Saturday they are aiming to rescue the 12 trapped boys and their soccer coach soon, before seasonal monsoon rains hit. The boys have been trapped since June 23, when they went exploring in Thailand’s Tham Luang Nang Non cave after a practice soccer game. An underwater […]

Carabao Cup final: Arsenal fans rushing out of Wembley with 25 minutes to go

They had just witness their side go 3-0 down thanks to David Silva. Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany got the first two in a game that quickly got away from Arsenal. And their fans had had enough with still 25 minutes remaining and fearing more punishment. Piers Morgan has already been online to call on […]

Terrified Americans are rushing out to buy orange juice after abandoning the drink for years

Shutterstock/DenRz Orange juice sales increased for the first time in nearly five years in January.  The spike in sales can be attributed to an especially brutal flu season, The Wall Street Journal reported.  Orange juice has gone from being perceived as a “healthy” drink to being seen as a con by many Americans, due to […]

One of Trump’s biggest highlights of 2017 was rushing to get a ton of judges confirmed — and he’s set for more wins in 2018

Carlos Barria/Reuters One of President Donald Trump’s biggest wins in 2017 was his influence on the US judicial system. In 2018, it looks like he will be able to get even more judges confirmed. In reviewing 2017, there were a number of areas in which President Donald Trump did not make the advances he was […]

Companies are rushing to announce special bonuses and pay hikes after the GOP tax plan

REUTERS/Stephanie Keith Both the House and Senate passed the final version of the Republican tax bill on Wednesday, and a number of companies took the opportunity to announce special bonuses or pay hikes.  The bill reduces the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35% while allowing a one-time repatriation of overseas cash. Companies are mostly expected to buy back […]

Rushing To Judgement

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley announced Thursday that Democrats will not be able to block President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees through an unofficial senatorial courtesy system known as the “blue slip process,” saying he will hold hearings on some nominees even if both home state senators haven’t given their approval. Grassley’s move will get […]

Rushing into crossfire: Mosul civilians flee amidst coalition airstrikes & ISIS (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

RT’s Murad Gazdiev follows the terrifying journey thousands of Iraqi families have undertaken to escape the warzone in Mosul. Caught between heavy coalition airstrikes and terrorist shellings and sniper fire, civilians take advantage of the chaos to flee. An RT crew got a firsthand look at the hurdles civilians trapped between the fighting sides in […]

Immigrants are rushing to apply for citizenship amid Trump’s immigration moves

AP Photo/JC Hong/File LOS ANGELES (AP) — Andres Dorantes has long been content with the green card that lets him live in the U.S. and work as a tattoo artist in Los Angeles. That changed when Donald Trump became president and swiftly made executive orders to crack down on immigrants and ban travel from certain […]