Didi Chuxing tightens ride-sharing rules after murder

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Hand luggage rules: Which UK airline allows the most bags in the cabin for free?

Hand luggage rules can become confusing for passengers who fly with different airlines when travelling abroad. Some offer free baggage in the cabin, while other airlines do not. Airlines may also have different measurement restrictions, as well as weight restrictions for cabin bags. Which UK airlines offer passengers the most hand luggage, both weight and […]

In investing, as in poker, following rules works best

AT THE annual World Series of Poker, which begins this week in Las Vegas, the main event is the no-limit Texas hold ’em tournament. In the course of two weeks of gruelling knock-out play, several thousand players are whittled down to just two, playing “heads-up” for one of the WSOP’s coveted bracelets. In last year’s […]

Ryanair hand luggage: New rules could see passengers fork out £7 for two CARRY ON items

Ryanair has been accused of increasing hand luggage fares again, just months after first introducing them, by consumer site Which?. The budget airline announced in January hand luggage was only permitted for passengers who purchased priority boarding for a flat-rate fee of £5. Passengers who pay the priority fee are allowed two pieces of hand […]

‘Woman on a Wednesday’ member suspended by Labour as party seeks to clarify 'self-ID' rules

Men who self-identify as women will be eligible for all-women shortlists, Labour has confirmed. It comes days after a party member was suspended for saying he was female on Wednesdays in an attempt to test their ‘self-ID’ policy. On Monday it was revealed that Labour activist David Lewis was suspended from the party after standing […]

Can you order alcohol during breakfast on a flight? Plane rules explained

Alcohol, on long-haul flights, is often given to passengers for free as part of the journey. One airline attempted to ban tomato juice onboard a flight only for public outrage to make them quickly reverse their decision. The free drinks are something many enjoy at a time where airlines are cutting perks to save money. […]

Ryanair check-in charge: How to avoid paying the £55 fee under strict new rules

Ryanair announced this week it was cutting its check-in window from four days to 48 hours. Any passenger who arrives at an airport without having checked in beforehand is forced to pay a fee of £55, so it’s going to be more difficult to avoid that fee after the new rule comes into force in […]

Exclusive: Royal Butler reveals Meghan and Prince Harry’s STRICT royal wedding rules

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding will be fun, but there will also be many restrictions for guests. The couple have invited 600 people to their ceremony, but thousands are likely to descend on Windsor for the big day. Much like Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding, guests will have a strict code to […]