UK house prices: This Northern city has seen biggest rise in property value – is it yours?

UK house prices have seen the biggest growth in one particular area of the country, which is located in the north. Burnley, a town in the north west of England, has seen the most significant rise in house prices per square metre, according to new data. Homes in this part of the country have increased […]

Virgin Media PRICE SHOCK – As new feature revealed customers face huge rise in bills

Customers who subscribe to Virgin Media face a rise in their bills this autumn. The cable and TV company has just announced it’s hiking prices by between £2 and £4 per month – £48 per year. Virgin says it will be writing those affected by the hike in the coming weeks with the changes expected […]

‘Getting the dollar wrong is deadly’: A rapid rise in the dollar could cause a domino effect across emerging markets

Christian Charisius/Reuters The US dollar has already been rallying this year, which puts emerging markets with dollar-denominated debt in a hard position. A currency crisis in Turkey could lead to a “rapid appreciation,” analysts warn. Follow the dollar in real time here. A rallying US dollar has been clobbering emerging market currencies this year, and […]

Heartland Tech Weekly: Promising tech hubs won’t all rise together

An interesting report came out this week from the Center for American Entrepreneurship, detailing the progress that’s been made in American startup communities over the last three years. The report specifically looked at how the number of “first financings” — that is, the amount of startups receiving their first round of venture capital finan…Read More

UK politicians blame Facebook for the rise of fake news

After an 18 month investigation, the UK parliament has issued a scathing report on the handling of fake news and illegal election ads by tech companies, especially Facebook. The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee said Facebook “obfuscated” information and refused to probe potential Russian abuse until forced to by the US Senate. Worst […]

‘Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Trailer & Villain Voice Cast Revealed [Comic-Con 2018]

Since the mid 1980s, every new generation of kids has grown up with their own version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What started out as a grittier comic book property became much more kid-friendly when an animated series took off in 1987 and launched a somewhat less kid-friendly feature film adaptation that eventually steered […]

Murders, rapes & knife crime rise by double digits, official data reveals

Murder, knife crime and gun violence continue to rise in England and Wales, official data reveals. Offences involving knives or sharp instruments rose by 16 percent according to police-recorded crimes. Murders rose by 12 percent. The Office for National Statistics (ONS), which examined police-recorded crime, detailed the fourth consecutive year that the murder rate has […]