The rise and fall of New York City’s ‘Taxi King’ who reportedly agreed to cooperate with the government as a potential witness against longtime business partner Michael Cohen

New York State Office of the Attorney General Evgeny “Gene” Freidman was commonly referred to as New York City’s Taxi King — notably by the New York attorney general’s office and the law firms that have filed suit against him. At one point, Freidman owned more than 800 taxi medallions, the metal plates on the […]

After Math: Rise of the robot albatrosses

While the internet spent the last week virtually paralyzed by the Yanny/Laurel debate, the wheels of industry kept turning. Elon Musk promised rides aboard the upcoming Boring Company system would only cost a buck, MIT built a robotic albatross for oceanic observations and Bosch unveiled its anti-skid maneuvering thrusters for high end motorbikes. Numbers, because […]

Mark Zuckerberg just turned 34 years old — here are 33 photos of Facebook’s rise from a Harvard dorm room to world domination (FB)

Robert Galbraith/Reuters Facebook is a classic Silicon Valley success story: It’s gone from an idea hatched in a Harvard dorm to one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world. Mark Zuckerberg, its CEO and founder, celebrated his 34th birthday on Monday — and, as CNBC calculates, has made an average of $ […]

Dangerous driving on the RISE as convictions soar by more than 50 PER CENT

Convictions for drink-driving and using a hand-held mobile phone at the wheel are in decline as the road safety message “finally sinks in”, said campaigners IAM RoadSmart. The figures show that in 2016 dangerous driving convictions rose to 5,235 compared to 3,425 in 2013. Since 2006 convictions for “failing to supply information as to identity […]

Property news: Rise in number of million-pound house sales taking place

Figures from the Land Registry and the Registers of Scotland were used for the report. Here are the numbers of million-pound home sales in 2017 and the annual percentage change, according to Lloyds Bank Private Banking: London, 8,308, 1 per cent South East, 3,377, 12 per cent East of England, 1,208, 1 per cent South West, 676, 21 per […]

Australia’s central bank has explained why everyone should be worried about a sudden rise in bond yields

Getty Images Australia’s central bank is concerned riskier assets such as stocks and high-yield corporate debt could be set for widespread losses if there is a sudden increase in government bond yields. The bank warns current asset valuations, which are reliant on global bond yields staying low, are “elevated relative to history.” In addition, it […]

Planet X, Rapture & rise of Antichrist: It’s coming on April 23 ‘beyond shadow of doubt’

The end of the world is nigh, folks, and no, not because of an impending World War III. Instead, “death planet” Nibiru and an unusual planetary alignment herald the end of days, according to doomsayers. They are convinced the world will end on April 23. This is the umpteenth time Nibiru has been said to […]

The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice for stage revival with REAL LIFE mother and daughter

The show, written by Jim Cartwright, is part of the Park Theatre’s new season announcement, and will play from August 15 to September 15 this summer. Real-life mother and daughter duo Sally George and Rafaella Hutchinson lead the cast, with direction from Tom Latter. Hutchinson may be familiar: as a child she played Olivia in […]

Martin Lewis explains how pension contribution rise will affect YOUR finances

This may sound a bizarre possibility, but it is all about the pension auto-enrolment law. This says every firm must automatically opt-in all employees (aged 22+ earning at least £10,000) to saving from their salary towards a private pension – to provide money for later life – on top of the state pension. And the […]