These store and restaurant chains will be open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. See how different retailers are ringing in 2019.

Go Nakamura/AP Images What’s open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? Many restaurant chains will remain open on New Year’s Day — and some will even offer New Year’s parties to celebrate 2019. Other big-name retailers, like Costco and Sam’s Club, will close on New Year’s Day. It’s time to ring in 2019. […]

JAMIE DIMON: There is a ‘national catastrophe’ and ‘we should be ringing the alarm bells’

Business Insider Jamie Dimon is sounding the alarm. The chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase has taken the opportunity on a number of occasions in recent weeks to highlight problems in America, including its failing education system, stifling bureaucracy, and high levels of incarceration and opioid deaths. He has set out some solutions along the […]

The last Ringing Bros. circus will be streamed on Facebook Live

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will close this month after more than 100 years in operation, but the curious who haven’t taken in the so-called “greatest show on earth” will get one more chance — regardless of whether they buy a ticket. Ringing Bros. announced today that the final performance will be […]

What is tinnitus? Do THIS to get rid of unpleasant ringing noise – Dr Chris Steele

It is often described as a ‘ringing’ but several sounds can be heard including a humming, grinding, hissing or whistling. Tinnitus is the term for hearing sounds that come from inside your body, rather than from an outside source. Sufferers find the condition has a significant impact – affecting concentration and can affect sleep. Dr […]