Terry Gilliam Flies Too Close to the Sun, Loses Rights to ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote‘s curse has struck again. After Terry Gilliam had seemingly won a decades-long battle against God and the universe with the film’s triumphant screening at Cannes last month, the embattled director has been dealt yet another blow. Despite a Paris court ruling in his favor prior to the Cannes screening, Gilliam […]

North America bid wins FIFA World Cup 2026 hosting rights

The North American joint bid comprising the USA, Mexico and Canada has won the right to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The decision was announced at FIFA’s annual congress in Moscow on Wednesday. The bid beat off competition from Morocco and was chosen in a vote by 203 of FIFA’s 210 member federations present in […]

Planting spies, paying people to post on social media, and pretending the news doesn’t exist: This is how China tries to distract people from human rights abuses

Kevin Frayer/Getty The Chinese Communist Party is keen to portray itself as a peaceful and scandal-free power. It refuses to acknowledge its human rights abuses, and discrimination against LGBT community and feminists. It’s not easy to do in the digital age, where nearly half of China’s citizens use the internet. These are four of the […]

‘Solo’ is Star Wars’ toothless confrontation of robot rights

Major spoilers for Solo ahead. The most interesting character in Solo is a robot. L3-37, voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), is a free-thinking, loud-mouthed Droid who introduces an entirely new concept into the Star Wars universe: robot rights. From the beginning, Droids like R2-D2 and C-3PO were presented as beings with thoughts and personalities of […]

Saudi Arabia arrested 10 activists who campaigned for women’s rights to drive just weeks before it plans to lift the ban on driving

AP Photo/Amr Nabil Authorities in Saudi Arabia detained several women’s rights activists who campaigned for women’s driving rights just weeks before the country is set to lift the ban on women driving. At least 10 women’s prominent rights activists have been arrested in the last week. Saudi Arabia is set to lift its driving restriction […]

Facebook will conduct civil rights audit following bias allegations

Facebook has come under fire lately for accusations of racial and political bias, and it’s determined to address both of those claims head-on. The social media giant has committed to independent investigations that will scrutinize both its civil rights record and its alleged anti-conservative political bias. Civil liberties leader Laura Murphy will lead a civil […]

A new law in Florida restricts local access to state beaches — but some say it infringes on their rights

Michael Spooneybarger/Reuters A new law passed in March in Florida curbs public access to private beaches. This has angered Floridians and certain members of the local government, many of whom believe that access to the beaches should be sacrosanct. Local officials are taking action to preserve public access before the Real Property Act — which […]

Flight news: UK passengers may have better compensation rights than EU post-Brexit

GETTY FLYING HIGH: Britons may get better flight compensation deals than Europeans after Brexit A UK Government report released earlier this week has suggested that passengers flying from UK airports may have better rights to compensation for delays and cancellations post-Brexit, compared to those in the EU. But Brussels is currently considering new proposals which […]

US abusing its rights as host country by expelling Russian diplomats at UN – Russia’s UN envoy

Washington has abused its power as the host of the UN headquarters when it moved to expel 12 staffers from Russia’s mission at the UN, Moscow’s envoy Vassily Nebenzia said. He called the decision an “extremely unfriendly” step. “The expulsion of Russian diplomats as well as other recent unfriendly steps, such as restriction of access […]