Peter King explains why Tom Brady wants it to be ‘stupidly, ridiculously, awfully cold’ when the Patriots take on the Chiefs on Sunday

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs will meet in the AFC Championship on Sunday in Kansas City, with temperatures expected in the single-digits at kickoff. On a recent appearance on “ProFootballTalk Live with Mike Florio,” NBC’s Peter King explained why Tom Brady is likely hoping for it to be “stupidly, […]

ASUS ROG’s ridiculously high-spec gaming phone was made for ‘PUBG’

Thanks to the likes of PUBG and Fortnite arriving on mobile, gaming smartphones seem like a no-brainer for brands that want to break into the crowded smartphone world, with the Razer Phone setting the bar for others to follow. ASUS thinks it can do better. Here at Computex, the company surprised many by unveiling the […]

Bungie feeds ‘Destiny 2’ trolls a ridiculously overpowered gun

Bungie responded to Destiny 2 player’s complaints by cancelling a planned “Curse of Osiris” DLC livestream to detail new changes. The developers added more endgame rewards, a new weapon class and an improved economy to address those concerns. Recently, a massively overpowered, game breaking laser gun called the Prometheus Lens was available to high-level players […]

Steven Spielberg’s Pentagon Papers Movie Has a Ridiculously Talented Cast

Sometimes director Steven Spielberg can toil away for years trying to find the perfect combination of elements to tell a story, and other times he’s able to fast-track the entire process from idea to finished product in less than a year. He’s doing the latter with a new film called The Papers (formerly known as The Post): […]

‘Catwoman’ Honest Trailer: A Terribly Written, Ridiculously Acted Pile of Car Barf

This week brings Wonder Woman to theaters, marking the first time that a major female superhero is getting her own film franchise. Sadly, it’s not the first time a female comic book character was given her own movie though, and Honest Trailers has taken a look back at one such disastrous attempt that also hails […]

There’s a ridiculously large number of jobs available for those seeking work in Japan

You’d be pretty chuffed if you were looking for a job in Japan right now. Unemployment sits at ultra-low levels while the ratio of jobs per job seeker just hit the highest level since the mid-1970’s. Good odds for jobseekers in anyone’s language. According to figures released by the Japanese government earlier today, the nation’s […]

7 reasons Nintendo is discontinuing its ridiculously popular $60 game console, the NES Classic

When Nintendo released a $ 60 miniaturized version of its beloved Nintendo Entertainment System in November, people went bananas. The console sold out everywhere and quickly became the must-have holiday gift for millions of people around the world. Nearly half a year later, the NES Classic Edition continues to be an elusive beast. And as of […]