Persona 5 and Persona 3 Dancing review: Rhythm action heaven that's simply a joy to play

Persona 5 and 3 Dancing review – Rhythm action heaven that’s simply a joy to play (Image: ATLUS) Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs of this generation while the third and fourth games are treated with a hushed reverence amongst fans. The effortlessly cool and stylish titles from Atlus require dozens of hours […]

‘Dancing diplomacy’: 7 times politicians cut loose and (tried to) sway to the rhythm

Austria’s foreign minister has hailed the merits of “dancing diplomacy,” less than two weeks after she swayed with Vladimir Putin at her wedding – but she’s not the only politician known to put on her dancing shoes. “Diplomacy is about much more than presenting each other with policy notes… a dance doesn’t have any political […]

‘A Dog Named Dave Stuck On A Rave’ Mixes Stealth, Rhythm, & Animals

You know you stepped into the wrong place when you’re a dog at an all-cat rave. Navigate the cat-populated dancefloor in hopes of stopping Catastrophe Cate and her evil plans. You can show off your dance moves while dodging the over-sized henchmen, or focus on collecting some delicious bones for your stash. Either way, you’ll […]

The IndieBeat: How Rhythm Doctor was 1 second away from losing its pulse

Rhythm Doctor‘s catchy riffs and clever one-button gameplay have mesmerized a few notable indie game events this year. It was an official nominee at IndieCade and earned a spot at Double Fine’s Day of the Devs festival. It also won the award for best audio at the Indie Prize Showcase in Asia, the Busan Indie […]

El Tango De La Muerte Is A Game Of Rhythm & Betrayal In 1920’s Argentina

Players will dance across a recreation of 1923 Argentina drawn from photographic collages of the era in El Tango de la Muerte, a rhythm game about tango, love, and bitter rivalries. El Tango de la Muerte places players upon a checkerboard playing field, moving along the panels that glow to the beat of each song. […]

Blake Lively to Star in Spy Thriller ‘The Rhythm Section’ from James Bond Producers

Blake Lively, who killed it in The Shallows last summer, is attached to star in a spy thriller from the producers behind James Bond and the director of Meadowland, Reed Morano. The fully-financed project, The Rhythm Section, is based on part one of author Mark Burnell‘s four-part series. Production is scheduled to begin this Fall. Below, learn more about the Blake […]

Charming mobile rhythm game Deemo is out for PlayStation Vita today. $14.99 scores players the basic

Charming mobile rhythm game Deemo is out for PlayStation Vita today. $ 14.99 scores players the basic game, with nearly $ 100 worth of downloadable content rounding out the music library. Or you can just watch other people play on YouTube, because damn that’s a lot. Kotaku

Pa-Rappa, Gitaroo Man devs put Rap Rabbit rhythm game on Kickstarter

Back, fund, it’s all in the mind. Rap Rabbit has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It’s a rhythm-based game from the creators of PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man, which are some of the biggest classics in the genre. Rap Rabbit is asking for $ 1,102,921. Rap Rabbit is targeting PlayStation 4 and PC, but […]

The rhythm action of ‘Thumper’ hits Nintendo Switch May 18th

Late last year, PC and PS4 gamers were treated to an surreal rhythm experience when Thumper asked them to pilot a metallic scarab down a highway of intimidating, abstract set pieces. The game is as bizarre as it is intense — but timing movements to the game’s fast-paced soundtrack and be incredibly satisfying, too. Soon, […]